HD Breaking Dawn Scene: “Don’t Take Too Long Mrs. Cullen”

This is part of the scene that we got to see at Comic Con and is now on Access Hollywood. Now you have it in high def.


  1. I think it’s beautiful !

  2. seriously i am going to have a heart attack during the honeymoon. i cant stop smiling. kristen looks beautiful and rob looks dreamy. november 18 cant come soon enough

  3. I love love love it!!! Just perfect!

  4. Oh that is so awesome! It is exactly how I pictured it when I read the book. When Bella looks at the bed and then up at Edward and they both look at each other a little nervously… I almost hyperventilated.
    Breaking Dawn was my favorite book of the series and I especially love how happy and at ease Edward is from the wedding until the Irina trouble. Blissfully happy.

  5. AW! *squeels**thud*

  6. Lorrainebow says:

    I just didn’t the craziest little girl squeal when I watched this. My kids think I’m crazy! Can’t wait!

  7. This is the 1st part of what they showed at comic-con, I wish the “5 human minutes” part, with Sister Rosetta by The Ronettes playing in the background… can’t wait! >__<!!!

  8. Love it!! Bella laughing, enjoying the moment.

    Did anyone catch Rob kind of missing a step after picking up Kristen? LOL!! Nice recovery though.

    • I Know! I noticed that too. Meyer’s vampires are supposed to be flawless in everything. I guess we all just have this perfect image of how the whole movie should be like.

      • Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t miss this step in the actual film. It isn’t uncommon for the footage you see in trailers and bits and pieces like this NOT to be included in the actual film.

  9. switzy4ever14 says:

    can’t stop smiling. I have the Breaking Dawn Bug.


    this scene is so awesome
    Can’t wait!!

  11. Lynne Stringer says:

    They have cut Edward kissing Bella on the forehead, though. I know a few people (including myself) who are concerned about that. I mean, why cut it? Is it just for this release? Will it still be in the movie? I hope so. I can’t believe that a tiny kiss would slow the pace of the film down, and it does so much to express the way they feel about each other. It had better be in!

    • Sometimes a scene can run too long. Therefore certain “beats” are trimmed out for pacing. I know we saw the entire exchange of him kissing her forehead in the CC footage,but maybe they felt it would be better to get right to her preparing for their first time.

  12. Yup, stupid cheesy grin on face here as well…lol

    Ahh, it’s it’s gonna be so dang sweet. Happiness and sexy times! Whoot!

  13. Pitter patter goes my heartstrings. Ugh, this is agonizing! I so want to see this movie.

  14. Jean Brown says:

    Love it! It is just so nice to see B&E as man and wife and so happy. Rob almost trip. The vampires in SM world are very graceful and would never ever trip. That is one of the advantages of being a vampire, no more stumbling around. Also Edward skin is suppose to be hard like granite or a rock but you can see when Bella touches him his skin has give to it and you can tell that he has blood in his body just by looking at Robs ears. I dont know. Maybe i am being unrealistic and picky. I wonder if SM would have done things different if she had known all of her Twilight books would become movies.

  15. OMGosh! I had that same big stupid smile on my face and teeth showing and all….my face was frozen like that! lol I have a feeling our faces are going to be stuck in that smile face like the “pudding” face clear up to when she starts looking awful from the pregnancy. I can’t wait for the movie….I’m so flipping excited I feel like a kid waiting to open Christmas presents!

  16. Brittany krach says:

    I can’t wait this hit theaters I am so excited and can’t wait

  17. im seriously chocking…like i cant handle this

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