Breaking Dawn Fine China Service For Two At Carmona

The Carmona company has a line of Breaking Dawn fine china. According to their site:

Dine in style with this exquisite set composed of
two salad-plates, two dinner-plates, two soup-bowls,
two coffee, or tea-cups and saucers
retail $160.00

Manufactured in our high-quality signature bone-china, this beautiful set makes for an excellent gift-idea.

Check it out here.

Via TwiExaminer


  1. @leah clearwater says:

    I love the uniqueness of the cups very modern reflecting the cullens humble lifestyle i love them 🙂

  2. $160 for 2 settings? Are you joking? No matter how “high” the quality of the material, that’s a complete commercial rip-off.

  3. $160 is cheap for china…that’s only $80 per place setting….my wedding china was $150 per setting…so not a rip off if you actually are looking for china

    • I totally agree. This is a major new designer in NY( I live there) and thats 80$ per setting. Thts actually on the low range for china. The china is beautiful!

    • Yeah, and how often do you use it? I’m not trying to be mean, but that’s a ridiculous price for something that someone would only bust out a few times a year (if even that).

  4. Check out HomeGoods & TJ Maxx. I have seen dishes that are quite similar to these!!

  5. Deborah Chapman says:

    I love it, BUT the price is only the Cullens can afford, not us mere mortals. Hooking up with a fantastic pottery like Homer Laughlin (who has similar lines in their restaurant lines, you have to dig on the website) is much more within my price range. And I bet they could have reach a better mass market for the designer. It is beautiful though.

  6. I am not a Twilight Fan. I bought this set because I absolutely LOVED the unique modern design of the plates. The price is very good for a porcelain dinnerware set of this quality. My friends thought I was crazy for buying a white set, but when it comes to dinner parties, I can set my color scheme for whatever I want and it always matches!! I would highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a unique, different type of look. It is great quality and it looks great on the table.

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