New Breaking Dawn Wedding Images:Featuring Families and Human Friends

We aren’t really sure what magazine had the images, but TwiCrack Addict has scans that feature unseen wedding photos.

Check out two more on TwiCrack Addict. We’ll see about getting the HQ versions from Summit.


  1. Mary Masen says:

    Oh, please find the HQ versions soon!!! These pictures are amazing!! 😀

  2. mah yra pidiache says:

    I think that this movie is so good
    i’m from to colombia and don’t speak english
    very good but I feel so happy for this websites
    thank’s for everythigI LOVE this saga

  3. The picture of Bella with her head bowed…wow. No words can adequately explain the feeling behind it. Amazing.

  4. I really like these !

  5. These pictures are from a display at a movie theater in LA. Jack Morrisey posted better quality pictures on his Twitter.

  6. Foreverinyourheart says:

    You can “almost” see part of Bella’s dress in the last picture of them sitting at the table


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