Hillywood Does Lady Gaga Themed Halloween Spoof

This isn’t exactly Twilight related, but our friends over at The Hillywood Show, who do the best Twilight parodies ever, just came out with their annual Halloween spoof. This time out they are on a Lady Gaga theme. Check out the girls’ new video, and if you have never seen their Twilight parodies, they are a MUST SEE. Check them out too!


  1. Joshua L. Roberts says

    So…many…levels…of… AWESOME!

  2. That was all kinds of funny.

  3. Brandi Rose says

    I can’t believe how much Hilli actually looks just like GaGa! That made it even more perfect. Their production value is amazing for parody videos. Check the credits…these chicks do EVERYTHING on their productions. So talented, can’t wait to see what they are doing in 10 years!

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