Video: Access Hollywood Goes Behind the Scenes at the Breaking Dawn Wedding


  1. Sometimes I just don’t get Rob. He’s not my Edward and in my opinion doesn’t appreciate that role.

    • i think he is the perfect edward!

    • Wow… that is too bad. Rob is my perfect Edward. If you had to pick another actor… who is your Edward?

    • wow, that’s an interesting opinion! i love rob in that role–he’s sweet and genuine and completely willing to give it everything he’s got. i can see sometimes from interviews and things i’ve heard/read kristen say that he’s not “twilight-whooped”, i guess you can say, but i don’t think that’s a bad thing at all. it’s very real. i think he completely loves this whole experience and appreciates it very much. i just don’t think he’s the type that would sit down and read twilight on his own for fun. it seems to me like he just sometimes doesn’t ‘get edward’. like in some of the movies’ commentaries, i would hear him say things like that. but i agree! i don’t get edward’s decision process a lot of the time (for example, leaving bella in new moon, not being more mad about jacob in eclipse…). anyway, does all that change your mind at all, sia? just curious.

    • i agree. i wish they would have gotten a better actor to play Edward.

  2. Mary Masen says:

    Awww! The wedding!!!! Can’t wait to watch it! It’s definitely going to be a momentous moment!
    Edward & Bella<3

  3. Disagree. When I’ve heard him talk in interviews about his character you can tell he’s put some genuine thought into it. I think that sometimes he might appear to b overwhelmed by the massive fame this role has brought him but I don’t perceive him to b unappreciative. In any case I’ve seen the opposite. 🙂

  4. I think Rob gets Edward just fine. What IMO he doesn’t get is the entire phenomenon that Twilight has become. He doesn’t get what the big deal is I guess–but I think he has really gotten into Edward’s head to really try to figure him out. As an aside, I am really excited about his look for Breaking Dawn, with the much more pronounced red in it, as I had pictured from the books.

  5. freaking LOOOVE this video!

  6. Michelle D says:

    I was watching another one of these behind the scenes clips (on Yahoo today) & I swear I saw Stephenie Meyer as a wedding guest in the back left row (from Bella’s view as she is walking in)! I even paused the video. Does anyone know if she was doing a cameo in this film?
    I liked the clip above, good to see Kristen looking more relaxed in an interview. 🙂

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