New Breaking Dawn Stills From Tree Stumps to Wolf Confrontations

Moviehole just put up a bunch of new studio stills from Breaking Dawn.

Via Twilightish


  1. Jennifer Hamlin says

    I love the stills! But the one with Alice, is that pre transformation?

    • If I recall from another similar pic I’ve seen, it’s when Bella is trying on her wedding shoes, so it’s pre-transformation.

  2. Very awesome stills, can’t wait till 18th November. Got..3/4 weeks left until it comes out! I love all the stills that have come out.

  3. These just make me happy! 😀

  4. Love them all! Especially the first one. I assume they’re clearing space in the forest for the wedding?

    • I’m thinking that they’re remodeling Edward and Bella’s cottage.

    • Buuuut, I think that I’m wrong after I look at it better. There’s wedding chairs set up and flowers in the background. So I think that you’re right. They’re setting up for the wedding.

  5. It looks like they will show Jacob imprinting in this first movie, b/c Edward is definitely wearing the same shirt from the labor scene in the trailer, and it has blood on it. That’s the confrontation scene where Jacob yells, “If you kill her, you kill me!” That means he’s talking about Nessie, not Bella.

  6. Oh my god, I can’t wait now.

  7. Tina Holewinski says

    I know a lot of fans don’t like “added” scenes(Scenes that were not in the books), BUT I love them! I love that they have Alice helping Bella practicing in heels…this is a way to add dialogue that discusses the conflict in the story. Sometimes fans of the books don’t realize that not everything translates to the big screen, and those added scenes sometimes actually fills in the movie(non-book) audience of what’s happening in the plot:)

  8. Morning Rose says

    These are all from the People Magazine special BD edition… They have a lot more background/explination of all the pics in the magazine. Emmett and Rosalie are setting up for the wedding and Bella is trying on her wedding heels 🙂

  9. I like the picture of Alice/Jasper and Esme/Carlisle watching ceremony and holding hands. Other favorite is Bella in Edward’s arm, carry across threshold. Down to 30 Days!

  10. Has anyone else noticed Esme’s eyes?? They are blue!!!
    I love the picture of Bella and Alice, the more Alice the better!!!

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