Breaking Dawn Wedding footage to Hit Revenge

This just in from Summit Entertainment, “Featuring never-before-seen BREAKING DAWN – PART 1 wedding footage will air EXCLUSIVELY on ABC’s “Revenge” this Wednesday evening at 10/9c.


  1. I’m so excited for this! I LOVE Revenge! It’s one of my favorite new shows! I feel bad for anyone jumping into the show this week though, since they won’t know what’s going on haha. Hopefully they’ll get a major ratings boost from this!

  2. I hope someone will record it & post it on youtube.

  3. revenge is my new fav show!!!!! so two of my favs. in one place!!

  4. Wyck Godfrey is an executive producer on Revenge…catch the tie-in???

  5. I will definitely be parked in front of the tv tomorrow night. Revenge is my new favorite show. Glad to see some other fellow Twilight fans love the show as well. I have to say this is a tricky and clever way to get people to watch. I bet they won’t show the BD footage,until towards the end of the show. They know Twilight fans will be glued to their tv sets,waiting to see the first glimpse of the wedding footage. So excited to see it,can’t wait for tomorrow night!

  6. Yes!!!!
    I love Revenge, it’s such a wonderful campy nighttime soapy drama.
    My DVR’s already set.

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