Video: New Breaking Dawn TV Spot

Fandango released a new TV spot today that has a some previously unseen footage of Bella and Edward the night before the wedding as well as Edward giving what could become a catch phrase line of “Well, what’s a wedding without some drama?” Check it out below and leave us a comment about anything else new you spotted in the clip.



  1. Emmett in the tree with the wolf jumping at him is new too, I think.

  2. Hi. I need subtitle this Tv spot. Can you write me here?

  3. Mary Masen says:

    It’s amazing!!!! I loooooooooooove it!!<3333333
    and let's trend #ILoveBillCondon on twitter! I'm starting!

  4. not gonna lie i kinda like it better than the actual trailer…its so intense!

  5. love it. Kristen is going to rock as Bella and Robert as Edward. I can not wait for November 18

  6. Nicole Caulfield says:

    I can’t wait!! Looks awesome, and lol Emmett in the tree, and Edward, ‘What’s a wedding without some dram?’ Lol 🙂 xx

  7. Vampires, werewolves and a wedding, oh my!!! Nov. 18th is truly tooooooo far away!!!!

  8. Can’t wait for November !

  9. Remember some of the clips from NM that weren’t actually in the movie? I wonder if this trailer has a few of those…

    Also- I love seeing Edward actually look happy!! Hopefully we can enjoy less angst in this movie.

  10. TroysMyAngel says:

    love the score in the background! hoping it’s actually Carter Berwell’s and not some random thing they stuck in there…like they did for the New Moon tv spots

  11. CullenCoven says:

    What is Emmett doing hanging off a tree?

  12. Twilight Nymph says:

    This is better than the trailer seriously. Loved the end with “What’s a weeding without some drama and Emmet running up the tree. LOL

  13. O MY GOD

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