Bill Condon Gets Into the Head of the Wolf

Bill Condon spoke with Box Office Magazine about how he created various scenes and points of view in Breaking Dawn.

Everyone has been saying for years how hard it would be to make Breaking Dawn PG-13. How did you pull it off?

The whole movie is very immersive, kind of like in the book, which is in the point of view of Bella and Jacob [Taylor Lautner]. We tried to do the same thing in the movie—there’s a whole chunk where you get inside the head of a wolf. And in terms of the birth, it was, “Let’s do it from Bella’s point of view. Let’s see whatever she can see.” Once you decide on an approach like that, it’s amazing how powerful you can be without being overly explicit. She gets glimpses of a lot of things—and hears everything—but it’s not the cutaway to teeth clawing through flesh. But you certainly know what’s happening.

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  1. Sounds like the birth scene is gonna be a little like Snape’s death in HP8. Interesting…

  2. Csnt wait x


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