New Breaking Dawn Images in The Creation Entertainment Shop

There are a series of headshots in the Creation Entertainment Shop that fans have not seen before. Some are familiar poses from the previously released posters, others are brand new.

Check out the entire collection at the Creation Entertainment shop.


  1. Mary Masen says:

    Sweeeeet! Keep em comin’!!!<333

  2. Seems like almost everyone got a new hairdo..Carlise’s hair looks awful! Jasper’s has changed too, but he looks much better, yum!

  3. Gawd Kellan is hot!!!!!!!!!

  4. I think emmet looks a bit like jesse mccartney in this picture.. buh ūüôĀ

  5. where ESME

  6. Some are good, but most are awful. They all look like they are wearing bad wigs- even KS who’s not even wearing one.

  7. Carisle_Cullen says:

    Demetri looks like he’s high,Carlisle looks like the kent doll,Edward looks like he’s a 40 year old virgin bella looks AWFUL…jasper did’nt agree to the new hair-do…In twilight I couldnt decide who was more beutiful but now they’re ordanairy people :(((……….the hair sytlist should be fired…… and I hope the film makes up for the bad hair :(((

  8. Re-shaping is another work accomplished merely with the help of cosmetic dentistry.


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