Breaking Dawn Breaks A Marketing Trend for Fandango

Fandango is reporting that their email to give customers a heads up to Breaking Dawn going on sale was an unprecedented success. Usually email pieces like that count themselves lucky with a 5% rate of return. According to the industry publication Media News Daily:

Click-through rates for any consumer marketing emails can be in on the low side — in the single digits. But one entertainment property, “The Twilight Saga” — at least with repeat customers — continues to buck that trend.

Digital movie ticket company Fandango says it has witnessed an eye-popping 57% click-through rate from a special email sent out earlier this month to previous “Twilight” consumers for “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1.”

“This was an extraordinarily effective email campaign for us — one that was designed to raise awareness of the “Breaking Dawn” tickets-on-sale date of Oct. 1,” says Ted Hong, chief marketing officer of Fandango. “Paperless Post was a natural partner for a digital wedding invitation, and we heard from many “Twilight” fans about what a kick it was to get an invite to the Cullen celebration. We hope we can continue creating innovative solutions like this one, which help start conversations about the ticketing for upcoming movies.”

It’s too early to get full results just yet, but the question is will Breaking Dawn blow away the record set by New Moon on presale tickets?