Clevver TV Launches Breaking Dawn Book Club Video Discussion

Clevver TV just launched their Breaking Dawn Book Club. It’s a video chat where they discuss two chapters at a time.

What do you think of their discussion points and analysis?


  1. They talked about the preface as referring to Edward being the one Bella was willing to die for. I thought is was the baby that she was referring to. I am not impressed with the discussion / analysis.

    • You ARE coreect. It IS he baby she’s refering to. I haven’t seen the video but if they feel that it is Edward Bella refers to in the preface, then they should just close up shop because they can’t understand anything. That’s the beauty of it, it throws you for a loop! Later, when you learn about Reneesme, is that you realize how misguided the assumption that its Edward who’s being talked about.

  2. I agree with Pam. I think that you really cannot understand it until you know about the baby though.

  3. Brandi Rose says:

    Was hopeful that this would actually contain some type of interesting conversation about better understanding the characters and the story that Stephenie created, but it was only basic chapter summaries and inane chatter about “who wouldn’t want a bachelor party?” and “Bella would be in the corner crying and being all emo at her bachelorette party”. Fail. I’ve heard better analysis from my 13 year old niece. The two on the left might actually like the books but the two on the right are ruining any chance of possible insight.

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