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Halloween is coming up and Twilight fans everywhere are looking for those perfect touches for their costumes. Weather you want to dress as Alice, Rosalie, or even Vampire Bella herself, wants to help two lucky fans jump start their Twilight character costume by supplying the basics. They are offering up a vampire make up kit along with your choice of wig and jewelry. Chose to be Rosalie with a blonde wig, or Alice with a black wig, or Bella with a brunette wig. Put on some vampire make up and then add either a ruby necklace or a ruby ring for some bling.

To win the prize, just leave a comment below telling us which one of the three ladies you are most looking forward to seeing in Breaking Dawn Part 1 and why. We will choose two winners at random on Oct. 1 so that we can get your costume to you in time for Halloween!

The contest is only open to those who live in the Continental United States.

Here are the Twilight costume basics the winners can choose from to create their look:

Choose one wig:

Choose one piece of jewelry:

And also receive the modern vampire makeup kit.




  1. Nicole Burrows says:

    ALICE!!! I love her pixie look and she is just the sweetest little thing. She’s one of my favorite characters from the series.

    • i like rosalie the best theres something in her character thats fun, and maybe still trying to find out. I cant wait for the movie. i didnt like to read but my friend told me to read these books and i was amazed, i wanted more of the saga. i love halloween its my birthday!

  2. Courtney Miller Bartorelli says:

    Alice I love Alice she is so fun!

  3. Rosalie ~ Because, I’ve already done Bella for Halloween so even though I want to see her in Breaking Dawn, I also want to see Rose and Jake square off….the dog bowl better get in there…lol

  4. Linda Beazer says:

    I am mostly looking forward to seeing Rosalie. We got to get a more behind the scenes look of why she is the way she is in Eclipse. Breaking Dawn part 1 expands on that when she takes on this new opposite role as Bella’s “protector”. Her more maternal side. That’s going to be great to see.

  5. I cant wait to see all three girls, but I want to see Rosalie and how she will be when it comes to breaking dawn. I think its goin to show a new side of her in this movie.

  6. I am MOST CERTAINLY looking forward to seeing my lovely little Alice in this movie. 🙂 All the wedding preparations, the over abundance of lingerie that she packed for Bella…Heehee!

  7. Bella for sure!!!!!!!!!!! I am team Edward all the way baby and I would do anything to be his Bella for one night I can’t wait until Breaking Dawn 54 more days so excited I would love to be Isabella Marie Culllen for Hallowween!!!!!

  8. Alice of course. The character who says whatever they are thinking is always my favorite.

  9. I want to be Alice! I can’t wait to see her in Breaking Dawn because she has a major plot with trying to see the baby, but can’t! This is Carey important; telling everyone the baby will be something absolutely original!

  10. Venetia Humfleet says:

    ROSALIE!! I like the way her maternal instincts come out in Breaking Dawn. She shows the softer side of herself. She becomes very protected of Bella, which is a big contradiction to how she treated her in Twilight. She,also, has a disposition toward Jacob that is down right funny. She would be a great character to portray.

  11. I cannot wait to see Rosalie! She is just so pretty and I actually love her during Breaking Dawn! She warms up to Bella and I just think that she is awesome!

  12. I can’t wait to see Bella complete her journey to being a vampire, but I also can’t wait to see Rosalie – the banter between her and Jacob better be in the movie!! (And Emmett doesn’t hurt!)

  13. Lisa Gallahar Reese says:

    I would have to say Bella! I am excited to see how she looks in the movie!

  14. Lisa Adee Dess says:

    Alice all the way! Can’t wait to
    See her in BD

  15. Megan Murphy says:

    I would like Rosalie, she’s so strong and misunderstood. She’s a beautifully strong character and woman.

  16. Victoria Kennedy says:

    Alice is who I can’t wait to see in Breaking Dawn Part 1 because she is fun and a scene stealer! 😀
    I really want the Alice wig & the Necklace!

  17. Rosalie with the necklace and the blond wig for sure!

  18. Jenny Greene Nuckols says:

    Of course I want to see vampire Bella!

  19. sue brandes says:

    I am looking forward to seeing Bella. Seeing her in her wedding gown finally with Edward forever.

  20. Jenny Greene Nuckols says:

    Of course i can’t wait to see Vampire Bella!

  21. Javeria Qamar says:

    Isabella Swan <3 because Edward loves Her :))

  22. Leigh Anna Marlow says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing Bella, because she changes so much in this book.

  23. MONICA TIBBS says:

    I WOULD LOVE TO BE edwards BELLA.she is the one I have most looking forward to seeing and is the most beautiful. 😉

  24. I cant wait to see renesmee she will be amazing im sure of it but in part one i want to see alice shes my fav

  25. I can’t wait to see Alice in Breaking Dawn Part 1 because she has the greatest fashions and looks. I can’t wait to see what they have done with her this time.

  26. Bella, Cant wait to see how she does with the pregnancy!!!!!!!! Also SEX with Edward!!!!

  27. Bella !! I love bella’s shy personality and her beautiful brunette hair! Kristen is georgeous in all of her movies but I love bella the best! and I love her gorgeous engagement ring!

  28. I would be most excited to see Alice . Considering she’s the only fashionista in the house is wonderful. Not only that, its the fact that she’s so different than the other vampires. She’ll hurt some one but if she doesn’t have to she won’t. Her composure sometimes fades but what vampire keeps their composure 100% of the time. Well, Carlisle yes but my point is she is so stylish and pretty and fun and most loved. Half of the U.S. raves that Alice is the most fun female vampire on Twilight. I adore Alice and if I win, I would wear my Alice costume in absolute style just like her.

  29. Brittany betts says:

    I want to be Rosalie! She is so beautiful and I can relate to her in so many ways!

  30. alice i would love to be aliceand go to my brothers boy scout camout and scare the crap out of my brother troop lol

  31. It is my dream to be Rosalie for Halloween. I like her attitude, and it’d be fun to watch her in Breaking Dawn Part 1 because I like the way how she is mischievous before Bella even turns into a vampire, but then Rosalie is friendlier and helps Bella by taking care of Renesmee. Rosalie changes by literally hating Bella and then helping her and becoming her friend throughout Bella’s experience.

  32. Hmmmmm I absolutely LOVE Alice! But i’m actually looking forward to seeing Vamp Bella! She’s going to be so amazingly beautiful!

  33. Jeany E. Castro says:

    I want rosalie she has a fierce look 😉

  34. Bella!!! I can’t wait to see her on her wedding day. The hair, the make-up the dress. Then her going from a human to a vampire. The book is in such detail of how she feels and what she sees. Can’t wait!!!

  35. Can’t wait to see Bella, she is going to have quiet the roll.

  36. Twilight_News says:

    Deep Violet: The Lexicon isn’t sponsoring the contest. is sponsoring the contest and offering it to readers at the Lexicon. When the Lexicon has a contest, we are willing to ship anywhere in the world. But almost every other contest that has come from an outside source has been for people in the continental United States I am not currently in possession of these prizes and will not be the one shipping them to the winner. We are happy to host the contest, but still support the regulations placed on the contest by the supplier.

    Kathleen: We looked through a few black wigs to find the one that most looked like “Alice.” Unfortunately, no company has yet made an exact replica of Alice’s hair from the movie. You could always take the wig and cut it or style it so that it looks more like the Alice in the films. And keep in mind that Alice’s hair looks different in every film, too!

  37. Heidi Woodruff says:

    Seeing Rosalie and Bella creating a stronger bond during Bella’s pregnancy. So I would say the Rosalie wig.

  38. Heather Sechman says:

    Bella, Bella, Bella. “And so the lion fell in love with the lamb
    ..stupid lamb. What a sick, masochistic lion. ” I can’t wait for Breaking Dawn p. 1 because its a love that my 10 year old daughter and I both share! The love between a vampire and a human. A love that is almost never seen in real life, but brought to life with words…

  39. I am looking forward to all the ladies but especially Bella!!! I cannot wait to see the wedding dress and especially the transformation of human Bella to vampire

  40. Michelle Denise Pradhan says:

    I am looking forward to seeing Bella’s transformation because it will be interesting seeing her transform into a vampire. It will be scary but at the same time it will be cool. She will be officially part of the Cullen clan as of November 18th 2011.

  41. shalisha Cooper says:

    Alice cause she is an awesome person and so pretty and smart

  42. Aliece borders says:

    i love bella she is my absolute favorite!!

  43. Alice for sure! Her hair and style are amazing, shes so cute!!!

  44. jennifer wysocki says:

    Rose for sure!!!! I cant wait to see the bond for between her and bella in BD1!! She is beautiful and feirce, and never holds back!!

  45. missy reinholtz says:

    trying to figure out how to go as bella. Feathers in the hair?

  46. Bella! She is inspiring, and someone anyone would want to be. I can’t wait to see her finally get what she’s always wanted. She deserves to be an immortal. I can’t wait to see her find the place she belongs. Bella all the way!

  47. Alicia Williamson says:

    I am looking most forward to seeing Bella in breaking dawn, simply because i’ve watched her evolve this whole journey and in this one, its the biggest deal. Bella goes from being the most beautiful we have seen her, to a very fragile and weak state when she is pregnant.She has the biggest challenge of all I do believe. Her charicter has a lot to take on in this particular movie and this one is my favorite.Bella is beautiful in her own way..not overly beautiful but not underly beautiful either.Id love to be bella for halloween, I just cant afford all the essentials so id appreciate this oppertunity

  48. I love Rosalie is beautiful, however I can’t pull off a blonde wig, they look horrible against my complexion. Alice would be my second choice but the wig that is offered for her character is nothing like the actresses hair is in any of the movies, its more snow white than pixie ish which is the way it is describe in the books. Bella is always the heroin of choice for any Twilight Fan, so I would wear what ever I won, but I would love to have the option of Esme. She is elegant, demur, timeless in her portrayal of the Matriarch of the Cullen Family. She is a very level headed women that loves her entire family & would put her life infront of anyone even Bella or mortals alike if she felt that person should live. Basically she would do anything to save her family and the ones that she loves.

    So If I Could chose the brunette wig with accessories to portray Esme that would be my obvious choice hands down.

  49. I would love Bella, i love the long brunnette hair, and also looking forward how the results would look when becoming a vampire!!

  50. Isabelle Fleckner says:

    I am most looking forward to Alice in Breaking dawn for her absolute awesomeness and her look on life and how she thinks of everything! But to top it all off i will be buying my tickets on October first when they become available to buy!

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