LA TIMES: Taylor Lautner is More Sensitive Than You Might Think

The LA Times just chatted with Taylor Lautner about his career taking off in all directions:

But Lautner insists he’s not nearly as stiff as he can sometimes seem.

“I probably do a good job of hiding it — but I’m definitely pretty sensitive,” he told 24 Frames. “I’m not a huge crier. I can’t think of the last time I cried. But I definitely am very sensitive. Like, I don’t like disappointing or hurting other people. And watching movies — I can’t say I didn’t cry during ‘The Notebook.’”

On Friday, Lautner will seek to show a more vulnerable side when he opens the action movie “Abduction.” It’s no Nicholas Sparks tearjerker, but there is a more dramatic storyline about a young man seeking a connection with his father.

It’s the actor’s first major role in a film outside of Stephenie Meyer’s teen series, and it features Lautner in nearly every frame. The 19-year-old plays Nathan, a high school student forced to go on the run after realizing his true identity has been concealed from him since he was a baby.

The role required Lautner to put in some intense physical preparation, but he says it also stretched his acting ability.

“I definitely felt more comfortable and confident as an actor after ‘Abduction,’ because this movie took me to places that I’d never been as an actor before,” he said in a recent interview. “Like, this character shows a lot of emotion. More emotion than Jacob has shown yet.”

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