Second Artist’s Work Identified in Breaking Dawn

A couple of months ago we reported on local Asheville, North Carolina artist, Mitchell Lonas, who had his work commissioned to be used in Breaking Dawn. (Full Story here)

Now another artist has been revealed. Sarah Ashley Longshore had her work reflected in Breaking Dawn as well. The Breaking Dawn Movie got the scoop and we got it via TwiFans. Sarah said, “WELL WELL WELL! FINALLY!!!!!!! There is so much filming being done here in New Orleans these days. There are movie stars and set decorators everywhere. My art has been used for lots and lots of films. BIG films but NEVER has my artwork made it to the BIG theatrical trailer!!!! Here is a still from the trailer with Kristen Stewart standing in front of my painting! I have this painting in my personal collection! I have always been OBSESSED with luna moths. I used to collect them at my lakehome. Who am I kidding? I still do!!!!!! I love to catch them, sketch them, paint them and let them go.
My luna moth looks so pretty on the set! I hope the other paintings make it into the movie as well!!!”

We have Sarah’s picture and Mitchell’s picture below. Which style do you prefer?


  1. I myself prefer Mitchell’s painting. I love what I perceive to be the simplicity of his work, yet it is so intricate. I would love to hang that in my own home.

  2. I really like the bright colours and the moth shape in Sarah’s work.

  3. I can’t choose. I love them both!

  4. That picture of Kristin bothers me, every time I see it in the trailer or whatever. Is that supposed to be a baby bump? Her stomach is totally flat, you’ve gotta be kidding me!

    • smitten_by_twilight says

      No, that is an artificial baby bump, Kristen’s stomach is practically non-existent, at least for the last 4 Twilight movies. Remember, Bella’s just come off a year of barely eating after Edward took off on her, and she tends not to eat much when Edward’s around, so she must have been between a size 2 and size 0.

  5. smitten_by_twilight says

    The styles are so different that it’s hard to choose. What I do notice about both of these paintings is how organic they are – very about the details of the natural world. Which seems to fit very well with the Cullens. I wonder if the crew member who picked the art was thinking along those lines?

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