Asheville Artist Has Work Comissioned For Breaking Dawn

According to the Citizen-Times, Mitchell Lonas, a local artist, had his work selected for Breaking Dawn.

“Kathy Lonas had no idea what the nest she found on her farm would do for her son’s career. But it became the focal point of hundreds of works of art by Mitchell Lonas, a resident artist in Asheville.

Then, last November, the set director of the popular “Twilight” movie series found one of those nest paintings in Gallery Bienvenu in New Orleans.

The gallery called Mitchell Lonas on his birthday, Nov. 18, and told him that the set director of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” might want his nest painting for the movie’s set. And that the set director might want to commission him to make another one like it to make a pair.

A few months later, it was confirmed. Even though the 6-feet-by-4-feet paintings of robins’ nests would have to be shipped to the movie set in Canada, the set director “wasn’t interested in anything else.”

The paintings will probably float in front of a large-scale window across from the entryway to the Cullens’ house in the fourth and fifth “Twilight” movies, according to Mitchell, who is ecstatic about the whole string of events.”

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  1. Misty Gedlinske says

    Just FYI, the proper name of our city is Asheville, NC, with an “e” in the middle. Not trying to nitpick; just pointing that out in case anyone wanted to find us on Google Maps or Mapquest or any other sites. Come visit – it’s hot and humid right now, but beautiful as always. It’s great to see a local get involved with such a great series.

    – A Lifeling Asheville Native-

    • rhiannon says

      hey, i live in NC too. asheville is a beautiful place!

    • Twilight_News says

      Fixed it. thanks for pointing it out!

    • Misty Gedlinske says

      OK, now I feel like a goober, pointing out someone’s typo and then making one of my own. I’m a “lifelong” Asheville native, not “lifeling.” Time for more coffee and a remedial typing lesson. Sheesh!

  2. I like art myself, the art peace of the nest looks gr8 might give it a bash but with a bit of a twist and a bit of colour in it. Thank you for the insperation.

    Yvonne Noble

  3. CullenCoven says

    Good for him! I’ll look for it in the movie.


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