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Around the country on Thursday were Abduction Fan Experiences. We have a first hand account of the Los Angeles experience from Jimmy Bean of Hypable who was our reporter on site for the event.

Before Thursday I never had the pleasure of walking over the hand-prints of over a century of legendary actors to get into a world premiere at the world famous Grauman’s Chinese Theater. How did the experience go?

To borrow a phrase from Abraham Lincoln, it was freaking awesome…

Before the big TL made it to the carpet, there was a sudden shift. Everyone rushed to the other side of the fan pen since none other than Justin Bieber was spotted making his way into the theater via the normal-people street. He was wearing large dark sunglasses and looked like he didn’t want to be noticed. He obviously failed since there was so much screaming I immediately sought out the exits for fear that something had gone terribly wrong.

The moment that Taylor’s face was caught by the light, an eruption of high pitched voice reached for the sky. Taylor was polite, personally greeted his fans, took pictures with them (can you say profile picture?) and signed autographs. After he was done with us, he jogged over to the other side of the street where a number of fans awaited and greeted him with their screams. I gotta admit, I’m a straight 22 year old man and I’m no stranger to meeting stars, but I couldn’t help but feel a little star struck when this tween idol was so close that I could see the stubble on his chin.

Check out the rest of Jimmy’s report, including a great photo gallery, here.

Mandy attended the Seattle-based event.

It was such an amazing event and the movie was so much more than I expected. I mean, I knew it was an action film and hottie Taylor Lautner was in it BUT I thought the plot was really great. The story was well written and the twists and action scenes were just right.

I was impressed with Taylor’s skills, I know he is a talented martial arts guy, but seeing him fight and jump and move – amazing!

I also thought his scenes with Lily Collins were quite emotional, their chemistry was pretty good and there is a scene on a train that was pretty hot!

The “bad guy” played by Michael Nyqvist was really awesome! Perfect villian really! I also enjoyed Denzel Whitaker as Nathan’s best friend.

I won’t spoil the plot but I realized I knew very little about this film before going in and was plesantly surprised by how it all played out. There was often uncertainty about who was good or bad and what their connection was to everything going on.

The best part for me was that I know I can take my husband to see it because he will love it also. It is a huge jump for Taylor Lautner, and I hope its a sign of the kinds of movies we can see from him in the future. He said on the red carpet how he had to leave Jacob Black behind while filming this movie because it was such a different role. I think it showcased his talent for stunts and acting and will lead to more big roles for him. The comments of being the next action star are NOT far-fetched, trust!

I also really liked knowing that there is room for a sequel, and on the red carpet before hand John Singleton hinted that there may in fact be on…. I really hope so!

See more of Mandy’s report here.

Did you attend an Abduction fan event? What did you think?


  1. Kessehu James says:

    I will defiantly be going to see this movie.

  2. seen better movies, this one is just the same like the other action movies, nothing special, now if you want to fantasize screwing talyor go watch it and say it was one of the greatest movies ever