Julia Jones says Leah and Jacob would “Kill for Each Other”

JuliaJonesheadshotIn an interview with Cosmo Magazine, Julia Jones talks about the relationship between Jacob Black and Leah Clearwater in Breaking Dawn, as well as her own relationship with Taylor Lautner.

What’s the relationship like between Jacob and Leah?
Jacob and Leah have a very close bond. It’s a little like family but it’s also a partnership. In Breaking Dawn, when Jacob lets her join his pack, he’s giving her an opportunity to stop feeling the pain of being around Sam all the time. I think her gratitude for that and her ability to understand his pain over Bella gives him strength as well. They would literally kill for each other.

In the novel, Leah is quite protective of Jacob. Are you protective of Taylor?
I actually do feel protective of Taylor. He’s so mature in a lot of ways that it doesn’t seem like he needs protection but every now and then I’m reminded of the fact that he’s still pretty young. I adore Taylor so it makes sense that I’d want him to be happy and safe.

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  1. “My Never” for Jacob in the part of BD where Edward finally connects w/ the baby for the first time and Jacob takes off to the park to find someone else to take his mind off Bella! He finds no one and returns to the Cullen house and when he sees Bella he sees everything he wants for his lover! But he knows he will never have her and it kills him! But with that realization he also knows he can’t let her
    die cuz of this baby. So as Ephraim Blacks heir and the true Quilluette Alpha, he gives the last thing he has inside him to Edward…the right for the Cullen to save her life by changing her into a vampire without violating the treaty! He is left empty and broken and “My Never” expresses everything he feels inside! Its heartbreaking and beautiful!

  2. TeamTaycobHeartsU says:

    I totally wish there was the couple Blackwater. Leah and Jacob would have been hot together. Too bad Jake imprinted on the devil spawn Nessie….

  3. Renesmee is not the Devils spawn. ;( However, I do wish that LEAH and JACOB would end up together in the end. Instead, of Jacob and Renesmee. It would make more sense if Jacob started a whole other kind of imprinting where he truly only wanted what was BEST for Renesmee and not be in love with her. I want Renesmee and the other Vampire Child to find their way to each other. I would be nice that the bond between Leah and Jacob grew to the point of love. It would just make more sense. 🙂

    • I agree. I don’t think Renesmee and him will make a cute couple.I wish he only wanted whats best for her and not love her. Leah and Jacob would make a hot couple.

  4. I agree with you guys; Jacob & Leah would have been a great couple. I’ve always thought him imprinting on a baby was just too… pedofile-ish.


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