Good Luck Andrew Sims With Hypable

We’ve always been really candid about the fact that we are big Harry Potter fans around here. Lori and Laura used to have a small Harry Potter website devoted to Remus Lupin. When it came time to make the Twilight Lexicon we looked to what we considered to be the best of the Harry Potter sites to model the Lexicon on. Very specifically, those sites were the Harry Potter Lexicon, The Leaky Caldron, and last but not least Mugglenet.

Much of the style of news coverage that we do on the Lexicon was directly based on what we saw Mugglenet do. We learned blogging etiquette from them on how much to quote, and that you should link to the source for more info. We stayed out of casting frays because we watched Mugglenet successfully avoid the “Ewan McGregor should have been Lupin” debacle. We modeled our actor Q & A style and red carpet coverage from what they did. Even our podcasting (back when we did it) was based on what they did. If Mugglenet started to use a piece of technology, we checked it out.

When Andrew started his Twilight site Imprint Podcast/Twilight Source 3 years ago, we totally geeked out when he contacted us. We have  done a couple of live Podcasts with the site that were largely organized by Andrew and Kallie from Twilight Series Theories. The photo below is of a New Moon Premiere live event that had over 100,000 folks on Facebook alone watching.

For the most part, the “face of Mugglenet and Twilight Source” as it pertained to the items above was Andrew Sims. Today, Andrew posted on Mugglenet that after seven years he is leaving to pursue full-time his new website named Hypable (it’s only been around a couple of months and already it’s making quite a splash). Hypable covers a variety of fandoms from Games of Thrones, to Glee, to Doctor Who, to Vampire Diaries, to American Idol…you name it. It’s different because the staff covering the fandoms are fans of what they cover. So it’s only the best stories with no recycled rehash so check it out. We want to wish Andrew the best of luck and thank him for what he’s done for fandom in general.