Taylor Lautner Prank Calls and Aussie Fan

As part of his Australia Abduction PR tour, Taylor Lautner prank called an Aussie fan as part of a radio show gimmick.

Via TaylorLautner.org


  1. TeamTaycobHeartsU(AndTLaut) says

    Oh my God, that was HILARIOUS! If Taylor Lautner called me and said “Hi, I’m Taylor, and I wanna bite you”, I would DIE. I love Taylor and his funny self! <3

  2. CullenCoven says

    Dude I love Aussies! Even though I’m american. But still! Taylor wanting to bite me would be awesome.

  3. Dawnika Stephenson says

    I think this Rabbit’s Gotcha call thing Is awesome! I think It would be cool If someone had him say something romantic,to pretend you were dating him or he was in love with you, like alot of girls who are Team Jacob might dream about. like say Hi! I’m Taylor Lautner and I’m In love with … and then the callers name. Or Hi! I’m Taylor Lautner and I think…and then the callers name. I’m more Team Edward and If I did that, I’d want It with Robert Pattinson. Sounds cool!

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