1. Hi,
    You missed 3 that i noticed.

    Kirsten Prout (Lucy, Eclipse) –!/kcprout
    Marisa Quintanilla (Huilen, BD) –!/MarisaQActress
    Leah Gibson (Nettie, Eclipse) –!/leahdianegibson

    • Twilight_News says

      You are right adding those right now and beleive it or not the guy who plays the minister in Breaking Dawn

  2. So glad she will be on Twitter but the haters are going to pounce whenever they get bored. I feel so bad for her. All the unnecessary hate all because of rumors about things that happened years ago. Haters can always ruin a good thing.

  3. Nikki’s bio is hilarious

  4. Lol _|_

  5. MeggieCullen says

    Really thanks Mackenzie for the official Twitter acounts from he Twilight cast!!
    I am gonna delete the fake ones immediately..
    Oh, one question, this account OfficialTL is fake too ??

    Greetz méghann