Peter Facinelli to Sign Autographs in Indiana for Charity

Everyone’s favorite vampire doctor is heading to Ft. Wayne, IN to help raise money for Alex’s Lemonade Stand. Peter spoke to about the charity and about the fans.

“I want to spread awareness,” Facinelli says. “When I learned about the organization, it really moved me that Alex’s parents were able to rise above their grief and help other people. So with these autograph signings – the fans seem to have a good time, the organization benefits and everyone wins.”

“Whenever I talk with fans who know me as Carlisle, it is a really humbling experience,” Facinelli says. “I’ve had fans come up to me and they just don’t speak, which always surprises me. I want to tell them, ‘Don’t be shy. I’m just like you. I’m a fan of these books – and this character – just as much as you are.’ ”

The event will take place on Saturday at the Jefferson Point shopping mall.  We’re not sure of the time, so if you have those details please drop us an e-mail or leave a comment so we can spread the news.

Here are some details about the event. TY to Cathy for the link!


  1. Please let me know a time, I want to go but is an hour drive away.

  2. Jazz Girl says:

    Damn it!! I’m even going to be in the northern half of Indiana on Friday, too. Some days, having maternal responsibilities sucks! First, I miss Jax in Indy with 100 Monkeys, and now I have to miss Peter!! The universe hates me some days!

  3. I plan on going

  4. Eric English says:

    YES finally a twilight even in fort wayne, in wow im glad i live here. does the lexicon want any kind of pictures/report done on this event?

  5. Josselyn howard says:

    Where at in the mall? And what time?

  6. We saw Peter on Saturday and he was so awesome. He takes time with each and everyone of his fans and everyone either walks away starstruck with tears in their eyes or with a big smile on their face holding the cheek that he just planted a kiss on. We love you Peter. Please come back to visit again soon!


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