Jackson Rathbone’s Aim High To Premier on Cambio and Facebook

In a live chat with his bank 100 Monkeys, Jackson Rathbone revealed that his web series Aim High from Warner Brothers will debut on Cambio and Facebook on Oct. 11, 2011.   Jackson will play Nick Green, a high school student is also moonlights as a US spy.

“It’s exciting to be a part of the process of making ‘Aim High’ and getting the chance to produce alongside McG and the chance to star in an action series,” Jackson said. “It was a blast and an honor to be a part of. I can’t wait to put it out to the world, and there’s even more exiting stuff to talk about. So exciting, I can’t even talk about it yet.”

Read more at Cambio.com.


  1. mary wiseley says:

    WOW! Looks like it is going to be very good. I will be watching….Jackson love the voice!


  1. Anonymous says:

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