Marisa Quintanilla To Play Huilen in Breaking Dawn

His Golden Eyes unearthed the news that Marissa Quintanilla will be playing Huilen in Breaking Dawn Part 2.

You can find her official website and see her previous work here and here

She is also on Facebook and Twitter.

In case you don’t remember who she is, check out her character bio.


  1. Mary Lebow says:

    How could Nahuel’s bite create a vampire? I thought the entire point of his appearance at the end of Breaking Dawn was to present himself as evidence of Renesmee’s limitations?

  2. PixieWings36 says:

    What I never understood about that story is that if Nahuel was venomous, wouldn’t he have bitten his mother? Seeing as how they chew their way out and all. Unless somehow her heart was destroyed or something. That’s just me over thinking things as usual. lol

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