Live Blog Patrick Brennan, Bill Tangradi, and Guri Weinburg Boston Q& A

Initial reactions to auditioning/getting cast:

Bill was bar tending in Brooklyn Heights in a gay bar in and any audition was welcome. He was super excited a week later to land the role.

Guri didn’t know what it was and then his manager’s assistant gave him Twilight 101 and she was a rabid fan and he got it was big

Patrick was literally down to being a Romano’s pizza delivery guy and was grateful to get the gig. He hadn’t gotten a gig in a year.

Jobs they would never want
Guri working in a morgue
Pat deliver pizza
Bill can’t think of one

Fav Food
Guri—-anything break fast

If they can be immortal a day what would they do

Guri jokes I’d deliver pizza
Bill..that sucks that I’d be back to being mortal again the next day

Special talents
Pat—great dancer
Bill–roll tongue and juggle and can do puppets play drums

Pats’ ironically is heights
Guri is snakes
Bill people with blank stares…what do they really want

If they could be any age:

Guri—30, you’re young enough to do things but old enough for people to take you seriously
Bill—not sure

YouTube video favs
Pat—“Charlie You Bit My finger” and the fainting dog

The guys seriously are totally bouncing off each other and way off topic, they are on this whole Lady Gaga googoo thing

Pet peeve
Bill–condescending people
Guri—loud talkers in restaurant
Pat-people who lie

Weirdest Fan Experiences:
Guri—having a girl on hotel balcony opposite his in Eclipse gear staring at him
Bill-during a private Q&A some guy starts telling him about his time in as a storm trooper and he wasn’t all there and the guy had to be removed
Pat—-wow I am so happy I don’t have these problems!

If they could be a Cullen which one
Pat—-Emmett, Kellan is the baddest dude around
Guri —jokes Bella
Bill—laughs and starts singing little mermaid song with different lyrics about who would I be….now he says I wouldn’t be one

Weirdest place fan has asked for photo or autograph
Bill went to his Moms daycamp and they were very excited he was in ICarley. Bill’s mom is here and just got huge applause.

Guri just gave Children of the Night ( a charity he works with) a plus

What do they think or what was first impression of Twilight Fans:

Guri—they were really intense and he was intimidated
Pat—just thrilled that they had such love of a project because actors get so much rejection
Bill–scared before his first convention, but now thinks they are great