Booboo Stewart Live Blog Boston Convention Q & A

The part of Seth that is most like Booboo is that he is laid back, he’s generally happy.

Booboo says he can’t imagine a world without music. Movies without music is really boring you miss a lot if you see early cuts.

He started acting when he was 10.

Odd thing a fan has done was in Orlando at his table he noticed a girl hiding behind a palm tree (but the tree was too small and he could totally see her) and she was taking secret pictures. Eventually she came over to talk to him.

Booboo definitely prefers acting to stunt work but he really loves stunt work too.

Robert Pattinson is very cool. He worked with him a bunch in Breaking Dawn. He is a really funny and really cool guy. He loved working with him.

Booboo hasn’t had to deal with too many crying fans. But his sister burst into tears when she met Channing Tatum.

Booboo really enjoyed the live concerts he did to support a group fighting child abuse.

Music is way harder than acting. Lots more work comes down to you alone you don’t have a staff to do other things.

Booboo loves amusement parks but does not like roller coasters. He does like the Mattehorn and the Tea Cup Rides at Disney

He’s enjoying White frog

He really likes working with Tyler Posey. he’s a cool guy.

His favorite part of being on Eclipse was finally meeting everyone.

The hard part was keeping it a secret for so long. It was also hard to cut his hair because it used to be really long. He never had short hair before Twilight.

If he could change places with any person dead or alive it would be…not a Medievel person, too many wars and arrows hurt…hmmm…couldn’t it be an animal…he’d want to be his mom’s dog elvis who is pampered. If it could be a fictional character it would be Ace Ventura.