Forks Prepping for Annual Stephenie Meyer Day

Each year Forks puts on a Stephenie Meyer themed celebration to coincide with the weekend closest to Bella’s September 13th birthday. This year they have their own website Where they are rapidly filling in the details of the weekend.

The town of Forks has also made some rather necessary and practical changes to handle the influx of visitors. According to the Forks, Washington blog “The members of West End Business & Professional Association and Forks Chamber of Commerce have gone in together on two Sanicans placed downtown for the summer tourists. Merchants in the area of the stoplight had been complaining about Twilight visitors using their restrooms which are usually back in store rooms and not meant for public use.

So a regular sanican was delivered first and when the folks at West Waste and Recycling delivered the second one it had a custom paint job, I call it the “Twilight Twoilet.”

If you are heading to Forks. Be sure and check out the following websites.

Forks Forum Newspaper

Stephenie Meyer Day

City of Forks

TY to Yasie for the tip


  1. PixieWings36 says:

    I really hope Forks doesn’t stop doing SM Day before I gather up the money to go. To be honest, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to but I’d love to. It’s a special day for me because I gave birth to my Bella on that day! This September 13th she’ll be 4. Where does the time go?!?! (BTW, I knew nothing of Twilight when she was born, just a happy coincidence. =)

  2. 😮 Didn’t even know there was a Stephenie Meyer Day! I blame Swedens lack of Twilight-information 😉

    Hope all you Twilighters out there want to help me with something; I’m participating in a contest with some necklaces that I’ve made (one with the Twilight book cover, a dreamcatcher and more) and was hoping you could vote for me, Every ‘like’ is a vote, so I hope you like my handmade necklaces

  3. Did anyone else giggle when they saw the picture of the porta-potties following the Stephenie Meyer Day headline? LOL.

  4. I don’t think they should complain to much, its like saying, darn, my register isn’t big enough to hold all this money, I believe I will just close when its full…Having people use your bathroom is a good trade off for all the revenue it brings to Forks cause I would love to go! Seems like not a bad problem to have….

  5. I wish I could go! I need to find a job so I can save up & go next year.

  6. I really want to go and plan on going next year so they better not stop doing this !

  7. tammy jakobsen says:

    I am going to Stephenie Meyer weekend, can’t wait.I went last year and has a blast and this year The Hillywood show is going to be there,which I love those girls.

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