Stevie Nicks On Twilight, Reese Witherspoon, and More Inspiring Her New CD

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Reese Witherspoon also inspired her.

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Are you a Stevie Nicks Fan? Have you gotten her new CD?


  1. Love love love Stevie Nicks.I have to get her new CD.

  2. I am a huge Stevie Nicks fan and Twilight fan so when I found out she was wrote a song inspired by New Moon I pre-ordered her new album. It does not disappoint!! She so beautifully captures the feeling you get when you watch a Twilight ovie in her song “Moonlight: A Vampire’s Dream” The first time I heard it I was like, wow, this is amazing. I reccommend any Twilight fan at least download that 1 track from itunes.

  3. Wow, I guess everyone is on the Twilight bandwagon. I love that celebs are into the books and films. What I do not like is when they try to use them or name drop in order to sell their product. Stevie Nicks is a legend, but she is not the first or the last to use Twilight as a way to appeal to more people. It has gotten to the point where anytime a celeb mentions anything about Twilight or the cast, they pop up in the media because of it. I guess it is a great marketing tool though.

    • I’m pretty cynical myself and not the biggest Nicks fan (though I think she is a very good songwriter – e.g. Sorcerer). But really, Twilight totally fits in Nicks’ longtime sensibilities and it is wholly believable that it’s something she would be inspired by. What is she supposed to do, not mention Twilight?

      I would rather have a Stevie Nicks or a Corin Tucker (formerly of Sleater-Kinney) tell the press how much they are inspired by Twilight than read about artists who were actually on the films’ soundtracks dissing Twilight as if it’s beneath them.