Giving Away Two Gold Passes to TwiTour Boston 2011

We are giving away two passes to Creation Entertainment’s Twilight Tour Boston 2011. Just tell us which actors you most want to meet and we’ll pick a random winner Sunday at 11:59 pm est. The have Peter Facinelli, Alex Meraz, Bill Tangradi (Randall), Guri Weinberg (Stefan), Pat Brennan (Liam), Christian Camargo (Eleazar), Booboo Stewart, and Tinsel Korey. Below if what is covered with the Gold passes.


At this early time we are offering our “top of the line” most upscale way to attend the full convention, all three days! The earlier you order the better seats you can get!

Here’s what benefits are yours when you “GO GOLD” for The Official Twilight Convention in Boston in 2011!

1) You get the VERY BEST reserved seating for daytime convention MAIN AUDITORIUM events, all three days. See all our celebrities up close, great for photographers too! The MAIN AUDITORIUM is where we have star appearances, Q& A, contests, videos, special events, & more.

2) FREE in-person autographs from TWILIGHT celebrities in attendance! You’ll get complimentary in-person autographs from stars including PETER FACINELLI, ALEX MERAZ, PATRICK BRENNAN, BOOBOO STEWART, BILL TANGRADI, GURI WEINBERG AND CHRISTIAN CAMARGO! AWESOME! You get ONE autograph per celebrity, and have the option to purchase more if offered for individual sale. Note: GOLD PACKAGES do not include PHOTO OPS, those must be purchased separately. This free autograph benefit is worth a substantial portion of the overall cost!

3) FREE ADMISSION to The VOLTURI VAMPIRE BALL Saturday Night… Celebrities, music, costumes, dancing, a DJ, surprises, centerpieces, a cash bar and non-stop partying! Prizes for the best dressed and best dancer as well as to the person who brings the very best Twilight Themed Centerpiece. Always a super-cool highlight of the weekend: come dressed to kill! Fine for all ages and hosted by The Hillywood Show! Stars dropping in include PATRICK BRENNAN and BILL TANGRADI with more to come!

4) YOU ARE FIRST to get autographs for all our signings that are done row by row in the MAIN AUDITORIUM. We go row by row, you are in the first rows: you get the idea!

5) FREE ADMISSION to the FRIDAY EVENING MUSICAL KARAOKE PERFORMANCES where the house is traditionally rocked! Often some of our celebrities make appearances to perform, more details will be posted above as soon as confirmed.

6) GOLD PRE-REGISTRATION: you get to register FIRST during a special pre-registration block of time. While not a necessity, just a benefit, you can get your credentials early and you are set!

7) SPECIAL CODED WRISTBANDS: once you get your GOLD coded wristband this allows you immediate entrance for the entire three days so you don’t have to wait again.


  1. edward , bella, jacob, jasper, alice…..

  2. sadhbh ni chaomhanaigh says:

    Peter facinelli booboo stewart

  3. Please choose me for this exciting opportunity! I am the ultimate Twi-fan! Go Team Edward! Looking foward to meeting Peter Facinelli…I have loved his acting since back in the day when he appeared in “Can’t Hardly Wait”. Love Tinsel Korey and Booboo Stewart too! Please choose me and I promise to tweet and promote the heck out of the event so you all can enjoy too!

  4. Dayi Martinez says:

    i’d love to meet peter (cuz he’s so sweet), alex (to ask him about being paul), and booboo (cuz i love seth!). but in all honesty i wouldn’t mind meeting any and all twilight actors

  5. Guri Weinberg and Pat Brennan! I am going to the Baltimore Convention an neither of them are invited YET! I would like to meet them more than anyone! πŸ™‚

  6. i would really like to meet Peter Facinelli and Tinsel Kory. I have never been to one of these events so this would be a huge honor

  7. Peter Facinelli & Alex Meraz, please!!!

  8. I would love to meet Peter Facinelli and Boo Boo Stewart. I absolutley love Peter’s character and Boo Boo is just too cute!!!

  9. Christie Venit says:

    I would love to meet Peter Facinelli. I am going to the Boston tour by myself. I went last year as well and couldn’t get good seats. I would honestly love to enjoy good seats and get an amazing experience. I am a closet twi-hard and love these conventions because they let me indulge in this cool world.

  10. Christie Venit says:

    I would love to meet Peter Facinelli. I am going to the Boston tour by myself. I would honestly love to enjoy good seats and get an amazing experience. I am a closet twi-hard and love these conventions because they let me indulge in this cool world.

  11. Michelle Malbacho says:

    I wanna meet them all, especially Peter Facinelli

  12. Angel-lee Blaisdell says:

    It was love at first site when Peter Facinelli busted through those ER doors in his first scene in Twilight, so I would love to meet him in Boston!

  13. Michelle Malbacho says:

    I wanna meet them all, especially Peter Facinelli!

  14. Peter Facinelli and Tinsel Korey!!

  15. Mitcee Collings says:

    I would love to be able to meet Peter!!! Huge Fan!

  16. Alexa Rodriguez says:

    I would love to meet them ALL but I guess I would pick Peter Facinelli. Love him!!!!

  17. I’d love to meet Peter Facinelli. He’s great, not just in the Twilight Saga, but in Nurse Jackie, too! He’s seems like such a genuine person.

  18. Id love to meet the new guys. They are amazing. Please please pick me because it would be my dream to see Billy,Patrick and Guri on the same day! I run a website for them and what better opportunity to see the guys face to face to tell them how they changed my life!

  19. Fabiola herrera says:

    I would love to meet peter and Guri specially so I can hear more about his GFYS set stories πŸ™‚

  20. Elizabeth says:

    I personally would enjoy meeting anyone. But due to my heart and recent brain problems I am not able to for my medical bills are so high. I hope that whoever is chosen that they remember it always. Good luck to you all.

  21. I’d like to meet Tinsel Korey and Alex Meraz, they seem like great people!

  22. Amy Rigby says:

    I would like to meet Alex Meraz to learn more about his heritage & his art. He’s a father & would love to swap kid stories with him. Plus I love his fiesty attitude when playing Paul

  23. Michelle Malbacho says:

    I would love to meet them all, especially Peter Facinelli!

  24. Rachel McMahon says:

    Peter Facinelli!

  25. Elizabeth says:

    I would enjoy meeting anyone that was able to attend. But due to my heart and recent brain problems and my rising medical bills I am unable to. I hope that in my stead that a well deserving individual receives the opportunity of a lifetime to share with others in days to come. Good luck to you all and god bless.

  26. it has been a long time dream to meet peter, not only because carlisle is one of my favorite characters in the series, but peter is one of my favorites in the whole cast. he just seems so genuine and he gives back so much, which i really appreciate. would love to meet booboo as well!

  27. OMG!! This would be my DREAM COME TRUE!! I’m such a huge Twilight Fan. I’ve made a scrapbook with all the characters and would LOVE to have the autographs of the people attending! Not just some of them….ALL OF THEM!! But, if I had to choose who I wanted to meet it would be Peter Facinelli – he has done an incredible job portraying Carlisle. I couldn’t see anyone else as that character. They’re ALL great!!!

  28. i would love to meet all of them, especially Jackson Rathbone. Dose hotel and airplain ticket included?

  29. Guri Weinberg, because he looks sinister and creep – tacular! Would be a fun meeting for sure…

  30. PETER FACINELLI AND TINSEL KOREY but i would be pleased to meet any of them because i am a true twi-hard!!!!

  31. I definitely have to meet P Fach!!

  32. larissa114 says:

    meeting Peter Facinelli has been one of my life goals now hahah I would just like to have a small conversation with him becuase he seems so down to earth on these conventions.

  33. Peter Facinelli….He is a fantastic actor.

  34. Peter Facinelli, Alex Meraz, Guri Weinberg, Bill Tangradi, Booboo Stewart.

  35. Please choose me for the ultimate honor of going to TwiTour Boston. I love the Twilight Saga ever since I received the first book as a gift last Christmas. The people I would like to meet the most are Tinsel Korey (Emily)because she was one of the first imprintees since Ephraim’s time, Peter Facinelli (Carlisle)so I can ask about how it feels to play a vampire, who doesn’t drink human blood, and BooBoo Stewart (Seth)because his character is the sweetest character ever. I can’t wait to see how he matures in Breaking Dawn Parts 1 and 2.

  36. Brenda Vance says:

    Would love to meet Peter! Wish Kellan would be there!

  37. Peter Facinelli and Boo Boo Stewart are who I want to meet!!! It would be great to go to Boston and meet this amazing people and with a Gold Pass of all things! I would make the trek all the way from Dallas if I won and I would enjoy every moment of it!

  38. ALL OF THEM!!!!

  39. Jennifer L Boyce says:

    I would especially like to meet Peter Facinelli.

  40. I want to see Booboo Stewart, Bill Tangradi and Pat Brennan. They are super funny.

  41. Who would i look forward to? I would DEFINATLY look forward to meeting Kristen! She is my role model and i LOVE HER SSOO much! Also Ashley and Nikki! They ALL are inspirations….And of coarse…rob and taylor! Not because theyre muscular and ahem…hot…but because they r both a-MAZ-ing actors!…AND THEYRE HOT! hahahaha

  42. I would absolutly love to meet Peter Fancinelli and Booboo Stewart! Booboo is just so cute and Peter is one of the main characters!

  43. I would like to be a part of the mad love that is Twihard on a really posh level. πŸ˜€

  44. Peter seems to get the mad love that is Twihard – ness. It would be sweet to met Dr. Cullen. πŸ™‚

  45. I personally am Team Edward, but I would love to win this so that my Aunt Anne would have the opportunity to meet Peter Facinelli. She is a 63 year old die hard Dr. Cullen fan. She even subscribed to Showtime so she can watch him on Nurse Jackie. Besides being a fan she has had a rough life. She had a kidney transplant 12 years and still going. She also has numerous other back and walking issues. She doesnt like to go many places because she would need a wheelchair and feels embarrassed by the idea. I bet I could convince her to get in one for this!

  46. I would really enjoy meeting Peter Facinelli. My daughters would love to meet Booboo Stewart. I live in Boston so it would be super convenient!

  47. Peter Facinelli Team Carlisle all the way!!
    and BooBoo one of y friends have met him and say he is really lovely!! πŸ™‚

  48. And Tinsel I love her music on youtube πŸ˜€

  49. I had a dream of meeting all the twilight cast and would love the chance to be able to make that a dream come true!!

  50. I would love to meet Peter Facinelli, Dr. Cullen is my favorite character.

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