Guri Weinberg Blogs About His Past

Guri Weinberg, who plays Stefan,  has a new blog up about his past.  We’ve met Guri on the Official Twilight Convention tour and he is a warm and genuine person.  On Monday we will be running an interview that we recently had with him.  For now do read this from the heart blog entry.

“I changed my mind 20 times regarding the subject matter of this blog. Originally, I was going to write about Italy and ItaCon. I wanted to focus on what conventions were like from one of the actor’s perspective. That perspective opened Pandora’s box because I am not only one of the “new” actors to the Twilight Saga, I am new to this type of public reception.

So, to explain my perspective, I need to share some details of my life, pre-Twilight and post-Twilight. This may get a little dark, definitely not in the “GFYS” vein so please bear with me.

When I was a month old, my father was murdered. Moshe Weinberg was the wrestling coach on the Israeli team at the 1972 Munich Olympics. At the Olympic games that year, members of the PLO (“Black September”) snuck into the Olympic village in the middle of the night, identified the housing for the Israeli team and took 11 of the athletes hostage in a public spectacle that was broadcast worldwide. To make a statement of their determination to achieve their demands, these hostage takers threw out the naked, dead body of my father for the press to photograph. My father had been killed for attempting to fight off the hostage takers – twice.”

See more on Guri’s website.


  1. This article makes me love this man even more. I had no idea his father was one of the Munich 11. I saw that on TV as a young teen and couldn’t conceive of the Olympics still going on while this tragedy unfolded. I can’t wait to see him as Stefan. He’s going to be amazing! So glad that the Twilight fans were courteous to his wife and didn’t act like the crazed screaming lunatics that we see with the other actors.

  2. CullenCoven says:

    I’m 14, so I don’t understand. But to have that happen to you would be horrible.

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