Evanescence Wants in on Breaking Dawn Soundtrack

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You want to start around the 4:45 mark.

Do you think it has potential?


  1. TroysMyAngel says:

    NOOOO! im sorry i totally respect their talent as musicians and song writers…but they sound terrible live! i’ve seen them 2x and kinda wish i hadn’t. still love some of their songs, but some people are just not meant to be live performers!

    • No offense, but what does their talent of performing live have to do with whether or not they should be put on the soundtrack? As long as their actual albums sound good, that’s basically all that matters, seeing as most people probably aren’t going to go see them Live just because they have one song on the soundtrack.

  2. Uhhh…HELL YEAH!! Are you kidding me? Some of their songs helped inspire Stephanie Meyer when writing “twilight”, alot like Muse did. Seems fitting, and Amy Lee is incredible!!

  3. I would love for them to be on any of the BD soundtracks.

  4. I love Evanescense! THEY WOULD BE AWESOME ON ANY SDTRK! <3<3<3

  5. Depends of the song. If it’s something like what Decode was for TW, then I’d love to see them on the soundtrack because the last two only had like three songs a piece I wanted on them.

  6. I would LOVE for them to be on the BD soundtrack, I have always found their music to go great with reading the books. I can’t hear alot of their music without it making me want to read them. And Amy Lee has an amazing voice.

  7. I think they would be perfect. I’d recommend a song but of course it will be something we haven’t heard yet. Since Alexandra Patsavas is involved (and Bill Condon, for that matter) I just trust that the Breaking Dawn soundtracks will be superb.

  8. Aussie Twifan says:

    Yes!!! I have always thought they would be perfect for the twilight movies (My Immortal etc)I was pretty disappointed with the eclipse soundtrack so really hope the BD is back to the standard of the original.

  9. Man, I’m a huge fan of Evanescence! Many of the songs on their Fallen album totally remind me of Twilight. I’ve never had the opportunity to hear them live since no one ever comes to Hawai’i but I’ve seen lots of live video on YouTube, etc. & Amy Lee is super awesome! That chick got a voice! I’d like them to be on BD’s soundtrack! It’s about time, if you ask me:)

  10. this HAS to happen 🙂 If you’ve heard their new single you’ll know just how adaptable and amazing Amy and the guys are.

  11. It depends on the song. I love their music but some of it would not be right for Breaking Dawn. I think if they make a song that fits the characters, it would be great, but if they just put a generic song of theirs on the soundtrack it will not work.

    The soundtracks are their own entities now. They are not just the run of the mill soundtracks. They are important to a lot of fans and I think Condon knows he needs to do it justice. Hardwicke created an amazing soundtrack that set standards for how things should be done. I hope he continues to keep up the tradition. Muse should be on it and I would like for there to be some unknown bands as well.

  12. It’s about time! I was wondering if/when Evanescence was going to be considered for a Twilight soundtrack,since most of their songs fit the storyline. I hope they get on the BD soundtrack. I’m thinking probably part 2,because the song should reflect Bella’s new transformation. I hope they get on the soundtrack and I’d love to hear what they’ve written for it.

  13. Have to say, they already have the sound and the other worldly look, think it would be a awesome pairing. How cool, love their music…

  14. TwilightGurl says:

    YESSSS!!! my two favorie thingsin one??!! omg totally epic!

  15. I would actually rather not have them on the soundtrack because I think they fit the stereo-typical part of Twilight. What I love about Twilight is how the storyline goes with the artists on the soundtrack. They’ve managed to stay away from those dark netherland inspired symphonic metal/goth rock bands that people usually think of when they think ‘dark vampire romance.’ I love how the soundtracks have stayed away from that.

    • I agree! I am also glad that the soundtracks from the twilight saga have stayed a way from the stereotypical goth/metal bands, it would seem such an un-orginal choice to select that genre of music.

  16. Please?! Oh please please please! I do love Amy Lee’s voice (tho I do agree, they sound bad live. Or they do on their live DVD). When polished in the studio it comes out beautifully haunting. I also agree they could be to the BD soundtrack that Paramore’s “Decode” was for “Twilight.”

  17. i think their music would fit well with the dark themes in the movie. plus i am a fan so it would be cool to hear them on the soundtrack

  18. I always thought “Bring Me To Life” would be a good choice for Bella’s transformation…too bad it was already used in a movie. I think Evanescence would be an excellent choice for some of the soundtrack!!!

    • I agree! Every time I hear that song, I think of Bella’s transformation. It would be perfect. I don’t care if it isn’t a new song, my vote would be for “Bring Me To Life”.

  19. No, too cliche! To stereotype! If anything, try a band that Stephenie Meyer endorsed ( ie: Blue October, Jack’s Mannequin..etc). What I have liked about the soundtracks from the twilight saga is this: none of the songs are what I would have expected to hear! I did not expect hear Cee-Lo on a twi-saga soundtrack, yet, it is AWESOME! I hope they keep that same level of versatility and unique flavor in the choices for the soundtracks. To include a group like Evanescence would seem trite.

  20. Those of you guys that are stereotyping them and saying no because of cliches are emphasizing their genre too much. Yes, they are a gothic rock band, but c’mon some of their song lyrics go with the story perfectly. The heavy metal or haunting instrumentals that you are stereotyping as the typical dark vampire romance sound aren’t what matters most. What matters most is the meaning behind the songs, and a lot of songs from their Fallen album go perfectly with some Twilight storylines because of this.

    However, I do agree that it has to be just the right song in order for it to work. They have a new album coming out in a couple of months, so I think it’s too early to judge. If anything, I think they could have a place on the Part 2 soundtrack because if they have a song of theirs used, it will probably be one of their new ones from this album. Therefore, it would be too late for them to be a part of Part 1’s soundtrack.

  21. Dayi Martinez says:

    i would love that! been wanting it from the beginning and i know stephenie meyer would like it to since she has several of their songs on her book playlists

  22. I didn’t really see any evidence that they actually wanted in on the soundtrack, but I did see that they liked Twilight. Just no real evidence that they wanted in on that soundtrack. They all say they remember seeing some commercials for a movie, but never remember or mention any movie.

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