Attention UK Residents: EOne confirms Breaking Dawn footage at Big Screen

According to Empire Big Screen:

“The Breaking Dawn footage will be screened during the EOne showcase on Saturday morning and is for diamond ticket holders only. Diamond day tickets are still available to buy!

If you’ve chosen to live your life having seen none of the Twilight films, why don’t you allow yourself a moment of madness and see the first three at Big Screen. Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse will be shown on Sunday.”

See more at Empire Big Screen

Via Thinking of Rob

We’re assuming this will be the same footage shown at Comic Con, but who knows!


  1. Mary Masen says:

    Awwww!!!!!!!!!! So jealous right now!

  2. TeamJellaFTW says:

    If it’s the same footage from Comic-Con, then why go? You can watch them on YouTube, you know.

  3. Wait what footage?! the ones from comic con?? …

  4. Probably same as comic con but i’d go if i could cus the youtube clips arent that good

  5. omg…..I hope its not the same footage from Comic Con and that we actually get to see some new footage!!! nothing big like the wedding….but maybe the wedding guests arriving? or Alice getting Bella ready? something anything would be amazing 😀

  6. Maybe this time someone’ll get a decent quality vid of it. 😛

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