Lea Michele Is a Taylor Lautner Fan and Wants Him on Glee

According to Marc Malken over at E!, Taylor Lautner and Lea Michele were at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association Luncheon and they really hit it off. Here’s how their meeting went down:

“I was shaking,” said Michele, who introduced Lautner to the stage. “I was so nervous. I was just shaking and shaking.”

She insisted he give her a hug, but not before telling the crowd, “I promise to control myself.”

Then they took some pics together. “I told him it was going to be our wedding picture,” Michele laughed. “He is going to think I’m crazy.”

Lautner gushed, “I love her. I had never met her before. She is such a doll.”

When I suggested that Lautner appear on Glee, Michele beamed, “I love that. Let’s make that happen.”

Lautner warned he’s not so gifted in the musical department. “I definitely can’t sing,” he said. “That would be a nightmare.”

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  1. princessberta30 says:

    cute. i would love for Taylor to guest star on NCIS.

  2. CullenCoven says:

    No Fruit Juice, that’s a good idea.

  3. Am I wrong or is he much thinner than in Eclipse? Or is it just the suit?

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