Taylor Lautner Gets New Wheels


  1. In the grand scheme of things… that isn’t that much for him. Good for him. He earned it. It’s not like he blew all his money. Gosh I wonder how much it would cost to register that baby?

  2. $200,000 grande for a car… yikes… Even IF I had his money, I wouldn’t want to spend that much on a car… Especially since I could buy a REALLY nice house where I live for that price. 😛

    The insurance for that baby is going to be outrageous, but as Jill said, he’s well earned it… now I just hope he doesn’t… drive… angry. 😛

  3. Well, I’d rather him waste his money on cars than drugs or booze.

  4. I think it’s sad that this qualifies for news. Nothing against the Lexicon, but just the idea that there are people who eat this stuff up is crazy. I wonder what brand of socks he wears and what kind of milk he puts on his cereal. LOL! I mean, this is a little better than that just because it is a cool car and cost a lot of money. But really, he’s a young male with more money than he knows what to do with. Of course he bought an expensive car.

    • AliceKikiCullen says:

      Yeah…it’s cool he got a kick butt car…but really isn’t there anything else going on lol. And I agree with Catgirl, at least he’s not being like Charlie Sheen lol.

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