Julia Jones and Booboo Stewart Twilight Convention NJ Live Blog

julia-jonesWWDheadshotIn his free time Booboo does XBox, Netflix, movies. He’s totally addicted to Netflix

Julia loves hiking and out to eat with friends in free time

Julia’s favorite TV reality show is Housewives of NY

Booboo isn’t a huge reality TV fan

Last day of filming was sad for the both of them. Julia said it was surreal realizing she’d never put her Leah costume on again.

Unlike the character Booboo played on Good Luck Charlie, he is not a surfer. he hates ocean swimming.

Julia says the guys would play tricks on her. Alex meraz was the worst. And just this morning Gil Birmingham jumped out from around a corner and scared the heck out of her. She was always on guard on the set but not at the convention. At the same time, though she says the guys were great and welcoming.

Booboo got into acting via stunt work at first. If Booboo wasn’t in acting he’d want to do animation. Julia started plays and commercials as a kid then went to college and got into indie film and modeling and just kind of fell into it. She’d be a journalist if not into acting and would travel world to cover stories.

Booboo’s favorite Disney movies are Monsters Inc and A Bug’s Life but he recently saw Tangled and liked it. Said the songs are pretty good.

Julia’s favorite was The Little Mermaid. and Booboo’s fans just said “he sang a song from that on a Disney show”. Booboo said , “OMG I forgot about that. You guys know my life better than my own.”

Booboo would like to work with Vin Diesel Julia with Dustin Hoffmen, Marion Cottilard. Booboo says “who’s that?” and Julia sticks her tongue out and says “She’s not in Disney movies”

Julia says that she’s happy,excited and proud of her Twilight work and realizes for many people it’s their big break and she is grateful for the opportunity.

Booboo says music is harder than acting because you start from scratch each time writing the songs, getting the studio, etc. acting you learn lines and show up you don’t have to do all the fine planning others do that for you, but in music you are responsible for so many small details

Booboo plays guitar, drums, bass, and plunks on the piano. he has a lot of respect for people who are good at piano. He tried pipe organ and totally failed at it. Julia took piano lessons for seven years and clarinet, but says she was a bad clarinet player

Booboo says if he could ask he fans a question it would be “What got you into Twilight?” Julia would ask, “What are your other favorite things?”

Julia said Comic Con was overwhelming. She never saw that many people in one place before (6,500 capacity in Hall H there were roughly 5,0000 there)

Pet Peeves Booboo is people who chew with mouth open and Julia is people who slurp soup or coffee.

They made Julia and Booboo jump around in motion capture suits.

They made them them talk as moving to capture emotion of out of breathness.

There was also a guy on set who made really good wolf noises.

The hardest part of being cast was not being able to tell anyone for months

Booboo if he made his own band name would run his name backwards and call it ooboob Julia than says, “You have to forgive Booboo he just got off a plane”

Booboo and Julia have a GREAT brother and sister chemistry

If they could change anything they would change the weather IT WAS SOOOOOOO cold and they weren’t wearing much

If they could be on any TV show Booboo would pick The Office (he says I could be the young intern who has a new job) Julia would have chosen Three’s company.

I asked Julia if it was nerve wracking being on MTV live with Josh Horowitz at Comic Con because she looked so calm on screen. She says “Wait last week in that hotel room that was live????? OMG I had no idea. If I had know it was live I’d be terrified! Seriously, that was live. OMG!”

Booboo doesn’t like watching himself on screen. Julia tried not to and then she just sees mistakes.

Julia will be shooting Winter in the Blood in August. She’s researching alcoholism to prep for role and working on a dialect too.

If they could go back to any time period. Booboo would go back to see Jesus and Julia says “wow mine is opposite. I’d be in the 1920’s and wealthy.”

Booboo and Julia didn’t see themselves on screen at Comic Con or the honeymoon scene because they were backstage. They only knew it was a honeymoon clip. They didn’t know they were in a clip until the panel discussion started. I said “We have it on YouTube we can show it to you.” and they they “OMG! seriously! We haven’t seen it”

Booboo reads lots of comic books and Julia looks at him and says “what you don’t read regular books” Julia’s favorite writer are Hemmingway, Shaw, Faulkner. The problem after Twilight is that she has no time to read like she used to.

Julia says there are very few non period roles for native actors but things are slowly improving. She feels that it’s getting there but that it has a long way to go


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