Guri Weinburg Live Blog NJ Convention

Guri took a piece from his wardrobe as a keepsake

Stephenie Meyer is an awesome person with a great sense of humor and his glad that he met her

Guri wife taught him about fandom

He was surprised about how nice the cast was usually old timers are not like that on sets but Peter, Kristen , Rob were all especially nice

Guri jokes if he got a different role would be Edward or Bella

Godfather 1 and 2 are his favorite movies.

LOL According to Guri, Noel is like that 8 year old brother who smells up the bathroom before a teenage brother needs to shower and goes on a date.

Guri’s uncle got him into movies and then he wanted to be an actor

Guri grew up in Israel and can speak Hebrew as well

Bill Condon is a great director who is interested in what actors want to say and then build

Guri didn’t know what Twilight was when he landed the role. His managers assistant had to explain it to him and she said “This guy is an idiot, he doesn’t know what Twilight is” after she explained and he googled it he said ” Yep I was an idiot not knowing what this was.”

Dance-off the ring leader was Lee Pace his idea and then Toni Trucks choreographed it

Favorite part of Breaking Dawn was working with Bill Condon. Robert pattinson was a really nice guy too, but he loved working with Bill.

The contacts were hard to deal with…and they are harder to deal with in bad weather.

He life hasn’t changed that much, but he does wear a hat to go out. He’s grateful not to have the Rob and Kristen level of fame

Working with Speilberg in Munich was amazing.

He was surprised how much he liked the books being a guy.

Guri can’t do his accent not allowed, and then does this dead on New York accent that says I’d love to do it but I can’t ya know

He’d love to have met either charlie chaplin or marlon brando

The dialect is a mix of Greek, Roman, and Romanian because it’s from 3,000 years ago.

The other vamp movie he likes is Lost Boys.

he kind of likes that his character doesn’t have an ability. His ability is that he’s older and smarter than the other vamps.

Guri would love to work with Woody Allen, Martin Scorcesse, and Quentin tarantino

The stupidest thing he’s ever done is open a twitter account and befriend Noel Fisher


  1. “The dialect is a mix of Greek, Roman, and Romanian because it’s from 3,000 years ago.”

    Hmmh..I’m Romanian.They’re living in the 21st century,not 3000 years ago anymore.So maybe their accents should be more Romanian like , not that mix.Whatever.I just hope they don’t mess it up.


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