Pre Hall H Press Conference Via Hit Fix

0:33 a.m. Out comes Bill Condon. In plaid. Kristen Stewart is wearing a see-through white shirt and a black bra. Really. Is this a good idea?

10:34 a.m. The first question is about filming in brazil and being loved all over the world. “That’s where Stephanie wrote the honeymoon… and we went in search of what she wrote,” Condon says. “It was nice being able to shoot on the actual streets and see the people,” Stewart says. “One of the interesting things about having an international fanbase is that every single country has a different reaction to you and to the movie,” says Rob, so says that Brazilians would actually try to grab them during shoots. Taylor found it weird that there was an extra in Brazil who looked just like him. He wasn’t there, but he saw a picture and agreed he looked exactly like him. “He looked like an ‘Eclipse’ poster,” Kristen says.

10:37 a.m. Do they actually expect this to be the end of the “Twilight” saga. Pattinson suggests that after “Breaking Dawn,” sequels could include “Breakfast Time” and “Brunch.” Condon says that Meyer has said that other characters might be revisited. “It’s not like we have some secret knowledge,” Pattinson insists.

10:38 a.m. What was the most secretive scene? And what was most exposed? “The wedding was like secret-service-style insane,” Stewart recalls. “And then there was a helicopter right as you were about to take your vows,” Condon recalls. In terms of being exposed, Stewart adds, “We didn’t know when we were being photographed.” Lautner adds, “Most of our time we were in Baton Rouge on a stage… ‘Breaking Dawn’ is very intimate and I feel like they did a really good job allowing us to be creative… We didn’t have to focus on being distracted.” Stewart adds, “They protected us.”

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