Noel Fisher Blogs About Twilight and the MTV Movie Awards

Noel Fisher, who plays Stefan in Breaking Dawn, just updated his blog to talk about his experience at the MTV Movie Awards that happened back in June. Towards the end he talks about Erik Odom introducing him to Twilight fansite owners and then a conversation with one person about watching the actors’careers grow and change. The one person was Laura (pel) who was desperately trying to keep her fangirl squee under control because she’s been a fan of Noel’s for awhile after seeing him on Law and Order SVU as Dale Stuckey

“It’s a cliché, but one of the most wonderful things about acting is that it is NEVER the same twice. Every character is different, every location is different, every crew, cast and experience is different. Twilight is no exception. It is by far the most popular and recognizable project I have been a part of. But the really amazing thing about the Twilight universe is what a community it is. Never have I seen a clearer example of this than the MTV Movie Awards.

First, I want to say that being invited to a show you have seen more times than you can remember growing up is pretty exciting and a bit of a trip. But when I arrived I saw that my childhood imagination had NOT exaggerated the size of this event! The red carpet alone must have been 400 ft long. So long in fact, that you couldn’t see from one end of it to the other. It just kept going until it wrapped around a corner and out of sight!”

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