UPDATE: Latest Records Indicate that Harry Potter Has Shattered the New Moon Record

What a difference a few hours makes! After reporting earlier that New Moon would hold onto it’s record of midnight release sales, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 roared in with a last minute surge! Fandango has just issued the following press release:

“Tonight’s the night, as millions of moviegoers will band together to bid a fond, final farewell to the beloved characters of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.”

Fandango has sold more midnight and early morning show tickets for “Part 2″‘ than it has for the late night openings of any other movie (including “The Dark Knight” and “New Moon”).

More than 6,000 of  tonight’s midnight shows are sold out in advance on Fandango, and theater owners are scrambling to post additional showtimes (many at 3:00 a.m.). “Part 2” currently represents 93% of today’s total ticket sales.

Fandango’s “Harry Potter” experts will be available in New York and Los Angeles for live commentary outside the theaters, where film fans are likely to dress up for the magical occasion. According to a Fandango survey of more than 1,000 moviegoers, more than 8% of midnight show ticket-buyers will arrive at the theater in special “Potter” regalia.

“‘Part 2”s midnight show ticket sales have been nothing short of extraordinary,” says Fandango Executive Vice President and General Manager Rick Butler. “In the more than ten years that I’ve been with the company, I’ve never seen so many late night showtimes for a single movie sold out in advance. Thankfully, theater owners are adding new showtimes throughout the night to meet the fan demand.”

To everyone going to the midnight shows tonight enjoy! We’ll be there. Long live Remus Lupin, our first fandom book character crush!


  1. Glad Harry Potter was able to do that but I’m sure the last Twilight movie will break it.

    • break it, yet again!

    • I don’t think so.I like Twilight too,but Harry Potter and the DHp2 is the end of an era,you know? People GREW UP with it.The story of an entire generation and the most succesful franchise of all time.

      I know the last Twilight movie will have very good records too,but not like this.

      • Hear Hear!!

        I like Twilight – but I grew up with Harry Potter from the age of seven years old… thats 11 years.

        Harry Potter is an amazing franchise and will be like others like “Star wars” that still has massive, dedicated fans.

        Twilight is good, but like other films and shows, it will be gone in a few years. Fans will move on – Harry Potter will never be gone, its got its own theme park for Merlins Beard!!

        Even if Breaking Dawn does smash the records its not a better film… no bloody way!!

  2. Lynne Stringer says:

    Yes, come November, when there’s a lot of lovin’ going on in BD part 1, the girls will be lining up again, and again, and again to see Edward and Bella consummate their marriage.

    • CullenCoven says:

      Yea buddy! No matter what, I still got a pair of gold contacts and a Team Edward shirt ( and a BK crown, and sweat pants, and converse with the book covers on them) with my name on them ready for November 18. And the 19, and 20, and about 4 dates after that, until it comes out on DVD.

  3. NOOOOOO but i guess we will break it yet again in november 😉

  4. Go Harry!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!! At least the harry potter movies have talented actors. Hey everyone is entitlied to their own opinions. sorry you hate mine

  5. Just dropped my daughter off for HP and I must say, the New Moon and Eclipse lines were 10 times longer than tonight.

  6. New Moon is still more impressive to me. It’s so easy to have huge midnight opening sales for a SUMMER movie. New Moon came out in November when people have to either miss or go with no sleep to school/work. So the people who go to New Moon go because they’re dedicated fans. Anybody can go to a midnight premiere of a summer movie on a whim and HP is the perfect one to attend…especially the last one. Crap, I was thinking of going for the hell of it and I’m an extremly casual “I’ll just see it on DVD” fan of HP. So, makes sense, but New Moon is still more impressive.

  7. As much as I love Twilight, I must say that the Harry Potter movies are much, MUCH better. Better acting, better scripts, just better.

    In terms of midnight openings, to me it’s not at all impressive that Twilight or Harry Potter have long lines or fans camping out. In fact, I refuse to go to midnight openings because there are just too many overzealous fans. You miss half the movie because of all the cheering and screaming…. And that’s assuming the movie theatre doesn’t sell your seats out from under you. That’s what happened last time I tried to go to a midnight opening.

    For the box office, while Breaking Dawn might…MIGHT…beat out HP7 for opening night the only way to judge popularity/fanbase is to look at overall numbers. HP movies’ lowest worldwide gross was Prisoner of Azkaban at $795,638,952. Twilight franchise’s highest worldwide gross was New Moon at $712,623,634. Sorry, Twilight. Harry Potter’s lowest number is better than Twilight’s highest.

    • Brittany says:

      I agree with you 100%! 🙂
      However, I went to the midnight premiere last night and the atmosphere was very subdued once the movie started. We clapped and cheered at appropriate times, but nothing over-the-top. It was amazing!

    • I totally agree with you as well! As much as I love Twilight, I can do without the midnight screenings and the tween girls screaming every 2 seconds. My heart secretly will always belong to Harry way more than Edward could ever capture it. So to me this is great news. lol I’ve heard that it’s already estimated that this Harry Potter movie will rake in over $1 billion.

    • Thank you so much! Finally twihards who appreciate Potter too.Because Harry Potter needs to be appreciated.Lol.

  8. Wow, good job HP.Do I hear a challenge? Let’s try to break their record. Let them celebrate for now cause we’re gonna try our best to break the record again soon. Remember we have two chances left to do so. 😀

  9. its funy how the twihards say we should not compare.DH 2 will earn more than a billion world wide,I will like to see any twilight film earn in billion.

    also lets talke quality,right now DH 2 is a 97% fresh on rottentomatoes,people are already talking oscars for harry potter.

    I would like to see a twilight film get good reviews for once and not score a 27% rotten or a 4.8/10 on IMDB.

    HP has the overall box office and the postive critical reception.

    twilight only has the box office.

    • Why are you continuing to lurk around a Twilight fansite if you’re only here to tell us you think Harry Potter is better? You’re only helping prove the idea that Harry Potter fans are immature when it comes to dealing with ANY franchise that is hailed at one point in time as the “next” HP. The majority of Twilight fans really don’t care if we beat any records, we just go and see the movie because it’s our kind of thing. Sure, it might be fun to say, “This fandom I’m a part of broke the record for blah-blah-blah,” but at the end of the day we don’t care, and we don’t shove it up people’s noses if it happens. Yet most HP fans go out of their way to insult and degrade other fandoms because they’re so insecure about their own box office records. Frankly, I love Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling, but I feel a keen dislike for most of the fans because they’re so obsessed with calling people who like other things idiots, morons, Twitards, etc.

      In short, I politely ask that you stop making a big deal out of which franchise you think is better or to just plain stop going to Twilight fansites altogether. There IS no need to compare the two. They’re both a series of book-to-movie productions with dedicated followings. And that’s it.

      • Thank you! Well said and I agree. The fans of the HP fandom have ruined not only my love for Potter but ruin my Twilight experience, as well, with their ignorant comments. It’s all in good fun.

        • You were NOT a true HP fan if someone who had arguments why “it IS better” ‘ruined’ that for you.I’m sorry.And it’s not like Twilight fans don’t do that too,so yeah..

        • Odd for you to say this, because fans of Twilight have ruined Twilight fandom for me (aside from keeping up with news on a fansite obviously). It’s been my experience that Twilight fans tend to be rabidly defensive, to the point of irrationality, much more often. Many can’t admit the flaws of the movies and books.

          There was even a video I saw a while back of one of the webmasters here (I think), debating with a webmaster from Mugglenet. I couldn’t believe her answer to the debate over Hermione vs Bella as the stronger heroine. She said that (paraphrasing here) Hermione is just an insufferable know-it-all. Normally the news on this site is of great quality, and I have nothing against that webmaster, I’m sure it was partially in the spirit of competition or what have you. But that response just exemplifies perfectly the “cover your ears and hum” sort of attitude so many Twilight fans adopt when faced with the idea that there can be stories that are superior to Twilight (gasp!).

          I’ve been a Harry Potter fan since I was 11, literally growing up with the books as they were released. But I can still laugh at Jo’s silly, overtly literal character names like Longbottom or Lupin, as do many HP fans. But tell a Twilight fan about the ridiculous name ‘Bella Swan’ and most will freak out at anything remotely negative.

          It’s reasons like those that I would never, ever go to a Twilight midnight show and I hide the fact that I love reading the series. But for Harry Potter, I’ve dressed up for all the midnight releases. Going to them is like being amongst hundreds of strangers turned instant great friends. Heh, I’ll stop writing now.

          • why is it sooo necessary to make it completely clear that harry potter is better than twilight??? like if you really think so badly of the twilight saga GET OFF THIS SIGHT. so what if harry potter beat new moon? do you think that anyone gives two craps??? its not gonna make fans like or dislike any of the series so whats the point of freaking badmouthing twilight….especially on a twilight fansite?!

          • I agree.Harry Potter is just amazing,my childhood and not only,I have no words to describe it..

          • Nicole:
            Were you replying to my comment? Because I never said anything bad against Twilight itself at all, I was talking about the negative aspects of so many Twilight fans that I’ve encountered. Yes, I prefer Harry Potter but that’s just me. I also love reading Twilight, as I said in my original post. There’s nothing wrong with other people who prefer Twilight.

            I don’t care in the least that HP beat New Moon’s sales and never said anything alluding that I did. Again, I didn’t badmouth Twilight. This is just another example of a Twilight fan who takes things far too seriously and doesn’t actually pay attention to what they’re freaking out about, thanks for proving my point.

            Also, if you want to yell at me in caps, at least use proper grammar.

  10. sandford says:

    kate misses the point, the HP fans at times have a reason to be angry. First of all if you are going to call something the new harry potter, you better be able to back it up.

    HP has sold like 450m books and counting. Twilight has sold like 50 m or less around the world.

    JK Rowling is listed as one of the greatest fantasy writers of all time ,some people put her behind only Tolkien and CS Lewis.

    HP has a high critical reception as Jane said earlier the reviews have been fantasic, how many films score a 97% on RT

    Twilight lacks in all this area, even the twihards complain about how BD was written like fanfiction. the twilight films ad books has been slammed by critics and movie goers.

    HP is actual an outstanding series that will stand the test of time. Twilight is famous today because of how hot Jacob and Edward .

    Twilight is okay, cliché at best and comparing HP to twilight is an insult to JK Rowling.

    JK Rowling spent 17 yrs created a universe rich with mythology and folklore with events that were no different from our world.

    Stephanie Meyer created a void wish fulfilment series with Mary Sues and Marty Stu characters.

    so yes HP fans have every right to be pissed.

    • AMEN!

    • Brittany says:


    • who cares!!!!! u need to get a real life and stop living in your fantasy world of movies their freaking movies that’s all its not evening a true story to be so serious about it just screams loser sorry but its true i like both there both fun to watch and follow but to get all aggressive over box office numbers is just stupid

    • Actually, I think you’re the one missing the point. I already stated, “There IS no need to compare the two.” I don’t want them compared, and yet you’re now telling me “comparing HP to twilight is an insult to JK Rowling.” If you find it so insulting, be like me, and STOP comparing them. Don’t create unnecessary drama.

      I have never, ever called something the new Harry Potter, so why should I have to “back it up”? As Maddy said below, who from the actual Twilight fanbase/production said it was the next Harry Potter? No one. It all started with one little review saying something along the lines of “move over, Harry Potter” and many HP fans have completely blown up over it and are now insulting every person who likes or was ever associated with the Twilight fandom. And half of us are actually Harry Potter fans ourselves, you know.

      “so yes HP fans have every right to be pissed.” I didn’t really see anything that could cause somebody to be “pissed” in your list. So HP books have sold much more than Twilight books, J.K. Rowling is hailed as one of the greatest fantasy authors of our time, Harry Potter movies have high critical reception, the franchise will stand the test of time… what exactly are you angry about? That sounds pretty great to me. Is it really because when Twilight first came out, somebody once dared compare it to Harry Potter? I don’t understand why that makes you so infuriated. As I said, if comparing Twilight and Harry Potter is an insult to J.K. Rowling in your eyes, don’t compare them. How about we all get along and like whatever we want to like without getting bashed for it?

      • I again agree and you’ve proven my point that, at the end of the day, we can all blame the media. It’s always the media’s fault… -_- But anyway, Twilight is a romantic mostly female-driven independant franchise about human nature and how everything earth bound has it’s unbalances. Harry Potter is an epic action/adventure all audiences warner brother’s franchise that can be compared to the likes of LOTR and Star Wars. Honestly, I don’t see the comparison at all. One’s epic and visual and classic and the other is internal, beautiful and alternative.

    • Exactly.

    • I agree with you completely!!!!

      Harry Potter is the best franchise in the world, at my local cinema, in a town of around 2000 people – 1000 people turned up on the midnight viewing.

      Its amazing, the fans are so loyal and dedicated – I like Twilight, but now im starting to get annoyed of the books and terrible, un-planned story line…

      • if you think the twilight movies are so bad then WHY THE HELL ARE YOU ON HERE?!?! and btw….people don’t say bad things about the books. you people need to stop being so defensive and get your facts straight. its a real problem that we have to defend twilight on its own website

  11. My question to Sanford is who from Twilight said we were the next Harry Potter? Stephanie Meyer? Melissa Rosenberg? Wyck Godfrey? Rob? Kristen? Taylor? Twilight Lexicon? The answer is none of the above. The media has created this insanity. How sad that you guys hang on to that. People compare new books/movies all the time to twilight, and we do not act like raging lunatics while harboring resentment for years about nothing. You should be proud of HP and its awards, but that means nothing to a Twihard. We enjoy our series because of how it makes us feel. It is an escape from everyday life. A form of entertainment not a religion. I find it very sad and pathetic that you guys stalk Twilight websites on the day of the release of a movie you have been waiting on for 10 years. This is the last time I entertain this silliness. I can assure you Twihards do not want to be Harry Potter!! Now get over it and enjoy your time!!

  12. I saw on the news this morning, that one of the movie theaters in Nashvie, had Harry Potter playing on 27 screens because 5000 people showed up to the midnight premier and that’s only one theater. I love Harry Potter, but I love Twilight more. It still so long til breaking dawn part one comes out.

  13. If you are going to quote numbers, at least get your stats right….Twilight has sold many more books worldwide than 50 million–well over 125 million. Both franchises are wonderful; however, there are 8 movies to Twilight’s current 3, so please compare them fairly if you are going to go there….which is ridiculous to do anyway!!! Some HP fans must be upset if they have to visit and revisit a website devoted to Twilight news!

    • Brittany says:

      Some of us are fans of both Twilight and Harry Potter. Just because we appreciate the Harry Potter books/movies more than Twilight doesn’t mean that we don’t care for Twilight! Comparing the two series is pointless due to the overwhelming fact that the story lines couldn’t be more different. Yes, both series are of a “magical” world and both were created by female authors, but that’s where you have to draw the line. Sure, Robert Pattinson and Jamie Campbell Bower have been in both sets of films but WHO CARES? Can we all stop comparing the two series? I can understand comparing box office numbers because both franchises are based off of book series. But saying Twilight will break Harry Potter records because it’s “better” is absolutely ridiculously stupid.

      • You’re right.And the reason why I’m here is because I’m curious about the upcoming Breaking Dawn movie.I am not a huge Twilight fan OR a fan,but it has some interesting parts.
        If I’m here it doesn’t mean why I like Harry Potter more,ok? It’s my own opinion.And box office numbers agree with me! Hah just jk.

      • Well said. I 100% agree with you, especially with your last sentence. I am a huge fan of both, but HP is just way better as far as themes in literature, markedly moral dilemma.

  14. twilight has not sold 50-25 million books,that is bullshit. twilight has sold 50 m or less,pls dont use wikipedia.

    HP will always be superior ,I dare any twilight film to score a 97% fresh on rottetomatoes.

  15. Nancy,

    the more reason why HP is superior,HP has 8 film and all of them have a good reception wuth oscar nominations.Twilight has 3 film and all have bad reviews,razzie awards nomination and a poor reception.

    like I said I dare any of the BD film to score a 97& fresh.

  16. In truth, I tend to agree that it is unfair to compare the two series, as Harry Potter would literally wipe the floor with Twilight in everything save, the obsession of the fans catagory. The only similarities between the two franchises is that they are both very successful, both were written by women, both become lucrative film franchises, and both were predominatedly aimed at a Y/A audiance but are able to transcend the masses.

    In regards to story and such. They are different from daylight to dark.

    Comparing Twilight thematically to Harry Potter, would be like comparing Enemy Mine to Star Wars. In short it is unfair, because Twilight won’t stand a chance.

    Harry Potter is an epic good vs. evil yarn with all of the classic Joseph Campbell mythic structure story telling. J.K. designed the series to be seven books from day one. Her plot was already laid out, and while she borrows heavily from WWII themes, all of her books move cohesively from one to the other. She was blessed with a top notch publisher and Warner Bros, both of which spent a considerable amount of money to bring both the books and movies to the audience in the best format that either could muster.

    S.M. had no original plans for more books beyond the first, and it was her publisher Little Brown, that opened up that oppertunity. She never had the length of time to develope the story fully, and that is why Twilight moves incredibly fast, while New Moon drags a bit, before Eclipse is over before you even start, and then we won’t even go into BD. 😛 However, despite poor structure choices, her books are loved. I’ve enjoyed them, and have read them just as many times as the HP books. Unlike Rowlings, Meyer went on to write another successful none Twilight related book, and has gone into film producing. In some ways, due to her wise business decisions, she is opening doors, that as far as I know, Rowlings hasn’t touched. Summit opted to choose the indie route to adapt the Twilight films, and while they are okay, I truly wished that they would have had allowed for bigger budgets on all three films. All of the movies, despite being more romantic than action, require tons of CGI, and while it is passible (save the first movie, of which had horrendous effects), I can’t image what it would have been like had they gave them all a proper budget. While the first film holds pretty solid in regards to movement and story telling (THANK YOU Katherine!!!!!) The rest of the films, thus far, seem to move one to another like a freight train, much to some pretty horrific writing. Despite these things though, the fans have flocked to them, even though later having a few misgivings due to some pretty poor choices.

    In the end though. What you like and love is purely your choice. I don’t know why people get passionate in regards to characters and stories that aren’t real. It’s suppose to be fun. When it stops being fun, then its no longer entertainment.

    In the end, both franchise, no matter who’s better, have had a successful run, and I’m sure BD will do extremely well, especially during a time period where…well there ain’t much going on. Does it matter how much it will do on opening day? No. I’m just hoping and praying that it will be halfway decent. 😛

  17. lovebothtwilight&HP says:

    i just love how both books and movies touched my heart…..for those of us who appreciates both… here’s a picture…its sooooo cute….i saw it on one of the twilight forums so i wanted to share it to those who appreciates both movies and books


    • LOL, I check the Lexicon once a day to see what’s new, but I never comment. I also have a Flickr account. In the stats section, it tells you what other ways people are looking at your pictures besides doing a Flickr search. Imagine my surprise when I saw a link back to the Twilight Lexicon! This is one of the last places I expected to see a link to one of my pictures 🙂

  18. Jean Brown says:

    HP fans are sick. Why are u on this site talking about HP. What it tells me is that u are very insecure and terrified that Twilight is better and that it will shatter HP box office records. Oh BD will beat HP in box office i guarantee it. Yes it is better written, better acted. and may even be oscar worthy(it will not win because another The King Speech will come along) and so despite Rotten Tomatoes giving it a 97 and the great reviews, it is going to get tore up at the box office by a poorly written and poorly acted Twilight.

    • Brittany says:

      HAHAHAHAHA! I’m not even sure how to respond to that. Like I said before, I am a Harry Potter fan AND a Twilight fan. Just because I prefer the Twilight books over the Twilight movies, doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the movies for what they are.
      And thank you for admitting that that Harry Potter is better written and better acted. Because it is.

  19. I like Twilight, but I honestly doubt that Breaking Dawn’s going to break Deathly Hallows Part 2’s record. Don’t know about you, but I think the end of a war that was brewing since the beginning of the Potter series is, you know, more interesting than a movie where a vampire and normal girl gets married.

  20. Danielle says:

    The only reason Twilight has gotten to be hated by so many people is because it’s been thrusted into the spotlight and it’s now a huge franchise that Hollywood keeps shining their light upon. It’s been advertised as something it’s just not meant to be. It’s an enthralling teen series that has done very well for itself.

    I’m a very big fan of the books. They were fun to read. I liked the characters. I just think it’s taken a bit too serious now. I respect Twilight for what it is. They’re good books. But there is no reason it should be compared to HP. The purpose of Twilight is completely different than the purpose of HP. Harry Potter is about confronting fears, finding inner strength and doing what is right in the face of adversity. It covers love, friendships, inner evils and exciting adventures. It also brings many lead characters that young people can look up to and find their own role models. Where as Twilight is just a fun, sexy, and slightly dark teen series.

    People just need to realize that the book’s purpose isn’t to be taken as serious as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or Star Wars. Twilight is perfect as what it is and Harry Potter is perfect as what it is. Both series has it’s loyal fans who will go to the ends of the earth defending it. If you compare them then of course Twilight doesn’t stand a chance.

    Now please, just because I came here talking about both series, don’t reply and tell me to get out of this Twilight Blog, or question why I’m here. I mean no harm. This is not a hate post.


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