Latest Totals: Harry Potter Will Not Overtake New Moon, Record Will Stand

According to Reuters:

“Though its box office haul will be truly magical, it is unlikely that the bespectacled boy wizard will beat the “Twilight” kids. Still, the final “Harry Potter” film is on track to be the No. 2 advance ticket seller of all time behind “The Twilight Saga: New Moon.”

“A senior IMAX executive told TheWrap that Potter pre-sales were “huge.” The theater company reports that all of their midnight screenings are sold out, with only a few seats still available for its 3 a.m. and 7 a.m. shows.

That said, it does not look like “Deathly Hallows: Part 2” will unseat “New Moon” as the biggest pre-seller. When the “Twilight” sequel opened in November 2009, it had the box office field more or less to itself, whereas “Deathly Hallows: Part 2” will have to compete with tentpole fare such as “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” to claim its crown.

The Harry Potter finale is performing better in its midnight and early screenings, but “New Moon” had stronger Saturday and Sunday pre-sales, according to Fandango.”

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Keep in mind that these totals are only taking into account pre-sales, not people who will just walk up to the box office.  No one will know for sure until Monday at around 4:00pm when the official tally comes out.


  1. I think HP 7.2 will beat New Moon… Sorry to say but I just think it will be beaten. Harry potter has worldwide fans too and the serie is longer then Twilight. I think this movie will beat he high score of New Moon…

  2. MeyaRose says

    Uh, it already passed the Eclipse record, and thats just in pre-orders.

    Although, I’ll admit there are some of us that would like to avoid the first weekend pandemonium, I’m seeing it Monday…

  3. Joshua L. Roberts says

    I’ll be seeing it Wednesday. 🙂

  4. its funy how the twihards say we should not compare.DH 2 will earn more than a billion world wide,I will like to see any twilight film earn in billion.

    also lets talke quality,right now DH 2 is a 97% fresh on tottentomatoes,people are already talking oscars for harry potter.

    I would like to see a twilight film get good reviews for once

    HP has the overall box office and the posstive critical reception.

    twilight only has the box office

  5. why are you so obsessed about the records?

  6. The media is hyping up the box office debate between Harry Potter and Twilight. I’m sure if you ask any of the actors from either films, they would tell you they will care less, as long as the fans like it. Harry Potter is mor critically acclaimed but none of that matters if the fans don’t like it. The Twilight films are for the fans not for people who don’t care (with the exception of Eclipse which critics DID like over the first two.

    With that said since it is being discussed, if Harry Potter won’t beat out New Moon for it’s advanced sales, then odds of it beating it overall will be a bit slim but still possible…see what happens Sunday or Monday. Good luck to it though.

  7. Whatever. Let them sell more than “New Moon.” “Breaking Dawn 1 and 2” is just going to eclipse HP in the box office anyway.

  8. Wouldn’t the Harry potter numbers be inflated due to being shown in 3D.

  9. Twilight is better than Harry Potter u______u


  1. Anonymous says:

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