James Franco Dishes Dashed Twilight Hopes to Playboy

According to Access Hollywood. James Franco did really want to be in Breaking Dawn:

““I had my agent tell [director] Bill Condon that I’d’ be happy to do anything in ‘Breaking Dawn,’” the actor told Playboy’s August issue.

“But that was because it was supposed to be part of a multimedia project at Yale. I was working with a Yale undergraduate who had written an autobiographical play about putting on a theatrical production of ‘Twilight’ in which I was a character,” he continued. “So I was interested in ‘Twilight’ because I was going to be part of that play. I thought what a great connection it would be if I were also involved with the real ‘Twilight.’”

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  1. It’s James Franco for Christ sakes….you put him in the movie…he would have been a great Garrett….uugghhh…

  2. Aw, I’m so sad to know that. I love James Franco, and when I thought of/pictured Garrett, he was the first person to come to mind. 🙁

  3. Some of these major stars just wanted to be in the movie(s) in even cameo roles, just anything, and it would have been great to have had them. Jennifer Love Hewitt was the same way, so dedicated to the movies, that she just wanted so badly to just be able to say she was in one of them, no matter how small the part. I think it would have been great to give them even some very small part in the films.

  4. They did not want a Garrett (or anyone) that would have been better looking than Edward or Bella. But most of the ladies look better than Bella.


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