E! Twilight or Harry Potter Character Match UP

E! has matched up Harry Potter and Twilight characters in the following pairings:

Harry and Edward
Hermione and Bella
Ron and Jacob
Ginny and Alice
Dumbledore and Carlisle
Voldermort and Victoria
Neville and Eric

Here’s the way they described the Ron and Jacob match up:

Best Bud: Team Jacob or Team Ron?

Jacob Black: Taylor Lautner’s buff shape-shifter is as loyal as any good dog werewolf. He doesn’t let his feelings for his dear friend Bella—or more importantly, her feelings for Edward—get in the way when it comes time to save her life.

Ron Weasley: While Rupert Grint’s wizard may at first seem like your typical sidekick, he’s no coward. He overcomes many of his fears while battling crazy creatures and Death Eaters alongside his best mate Harry. (Plus, he gets the girl!)

Head over to E! and vote for your favorite.


  1. TeamJasper says:


    • TeamJasper says:

      Both of these series are awesome and shouldn’t be compared…but character-wise those are my favorites. ^_^

  2. i love both but harry potter has way better characters

  3. The pairings were quite weird, some of them at least. I made the mistake of reading comments on E! and it sure is mean words just flying around. Both great series, arguing which is better is waste of time.

  4. Dimitar says:


    Are THE BEST!!! They’re better then the Twilight characters

  5. Omg…..HAS ANYONE REALIZED THAT IT’S VOLDEMORT, NOT VoldeRmort?! Really though? Shame on E! for not researching correctly, and shame on whoever posted it on here, and definite shame on everyone who’s spelled it wrong in their comments. Ugh.

  6. yadhu krishnan says:

    potter can even come a mile near twilight……

  7. yadhu krishnan says:

    potter can’t even come a mile near twilight……

  8. Larissa says:

    Hermione and Bella

    Hermione was my first female crush.
    Bella is just a good actor. <3

  9. Believe me I’ve read each series a few times. They both have basicly the same message. Strenght, loyalty, love, forgivness. If you didn’t get it from both series you didn’t red them correctly. Love them both!

  10. I’m sorry. I love both series, but there’s NO WAY that the Twilight characters are better than any of the HP characters. Especially Bella/Hermione and Dumbledore/Carlisle and Eric/Neville and Victoria/Voldemort. No way!

  11. I really love the twilight saga … Team Jacob

  12. penelope says:

    Harry potter character Win all !! 😀

  13. jopagamer says:

    Harry Beats Edward
    Hermione beats Bella
    Jacob Beats Ron
    Ginny beats Alice
    Voldomort beats Victoria
    and Neville Beats Eric

  14. jopagamer says:

    Harry – Edward
    Hermione- Bella
    Jacob – Ron
    Ginny – Alice
    Voldomort – Victoria
    Neville – Eric

  15. mmmm…Ron!!!! aunque admito q me gusta mas la saga de Crepusculo 😀

  16. eric n neville..!!!!
    no damn way
    noooo way..X.X

  17. jade murray says:

    iwould pick jacob black eneyday =) hot hot hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  18. Sherybery says:

    Twilights good….. but Harry Potter is Epic

  19. bertiebott says:

    POTTER! I choose Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Dumbledore (this was tough), Voldemort and Neville. So Potters win in my opinion (=

  20. ron I love you

  21. I like both movies, but Harry Potter rules.

  22. I love both series. I hate how everyone in the media tries to compare them & put them against each other. They are TOTALLY DIFFERENT.

  23. Lindsey says:

    Harry potter has been around for years longer then twilight ….. And I love twilight ….but every harry potter is twice the actor then twilight….half of their life to harry there is no comparsion…

  24. I love both series but Harry is definitely more powerful than Edward. All Edward can do is read minds but wizards have occlumency to protect their minds. Hermione over Bella because she is a stronger character and more likable. Jacob pver Ron because he is funier and he can turn into a wolf. In the books I would say Ginny because she is a tough cookie but I like Alice better in the movies. Dumbledore definitely beats Carlisle by a long shot. Voldermort made a very nasty villain and victoria just doesn’t compare. She would have been paired up better with Malfoy. And Neville is definitley better than Eric, he actually does something significant in the books.

  25. Daniela says:

    I love the twilight saga, but I also like Harry Potter but also they are very different stories. I love them both. This is a very good idea to compare the characters of both sagas that are close to the end. This is really fun and I think nobody must get offended! 🙂

  26. Edward – both have their flaws harry being a moaney moody so and so teenager and edward being a bit too clingy and over protective but Edward wins because i think he is more interesting as a person and i dont deem Harry very talented on his own he always needs others higher power or guidance or a powerful wand or cloak, where as edward has his own abilities
    Hermione – i find bella annoying and moaney she makes stupid decisions because she has an impatient onetrack mind “be with edward” and herm is not only smart but talented, in a fight she would whip bella’s butt both are a bit whiney though
    Jacob – i loved ron in the first few books then the teenager aspects kicked in making him abit moaney. jacobs humour/personality has kept me amused through out
    Alice – i love alice from the pixie looks to her brilliant abilities and the way she winds up both edward and bella
    Dumbledore – however nice carlise is im sorry dumbledore is the most amazing from talent to humour
    Voldermort – there really is no comparison
    Neville – eric doesnt really have much signaficance neville is awesome and contributes through out in the fight against evil

  27. Edward wins over harry i had to make a point to that puttin harry potter against twilight well theres is no win win situation cuz one you have vampires against people who are alive and have powers so vampires are fast so are characters from harry potter vampires have sum type of powers whatever u wanna call it but like I said theres is no win win they are both good at what they do !!!

  28. Haemi Lee says:

    I love jacob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. The Sixth Stooge says:

    Hermione against Bella? XD Someone smart and sexy against someone depressing and dull? Harry against Edward? That’s an even bigger laugh. Harry Potter all the way people. There is no contest here.

  30. hi eeeeee

  31. Wow!! I thought I was on a Twilight Fansite?!?! This is a disgrace!! I like Harry Potter a lot, but I LOVE TWILIGHT!! I am so sick of the comparisons. Most Twilight fans DO NOT CARE if you like Harry Potter. Why does it bother Harry Potter fans that we like our series? Two totally different stories! I am excited to see the final Harry Potter, but I have been counting down the days for Breaking Dawn. Why can’t Harry Potter fans just enjoy their time and leave Twilight alone? I hope Deathly Hallows Part 2 is everything and more than the most avid HP fan longs for, but my heart belongs to Twilight and there is nothing wrong with that. If it were November and only one week left until BD, I promise you all HARRY POTTER WOULD/WILL BE THE FURTEREST THING IN MY MIND!

  32. wel i like both the sagas but as far as the voting is concerned i like edward much more than harry
    bella nd hermoine both are okay
    nd alice ofcourse

  33. Okay, the match-ups are stupid!!! Bella and Harry are the main protagonists in the book anyway. So why the Harry and Edward match-up? STUPID!!!! …And Carlisle and Dumbledore…really? This is all wrong wrong wrong. Dumbledore can’t be matched up. He’s like, the epitome of badassness! That’s like putting Darth Vader on a list. There’s just no comparison. Love Carlisle to death, but old Dumbly could turn him into a tea-cup with one flick of his wrist. Anyway, the whole match-up thing is stupid and useless. Why compare apples and orange….more like: Mangoes and Pizza, really.

  34. Twilight is by FAR the best series in all of humanity and Edward is the BEST by like a billion light years so dont even try to compare him to Harry Potter. Vampires beat the feathers out of wizards anyday!!!!!

  35. Aa'ishah Salvator says:

    okay, ist off, how can people even compare these two stories??? i adore twilight much more than Potter (i dont get the point of wizards really a bunch of people waving wooden sticks shouting out jibberish…yawn). the themes and the underlying story is so different and cannot be compared. twilight’s dialogue has more witty banter than potter. another thing, if you exclude the vampire element, everyone can relate to the story. harry is just…boring and those glasses…dude its called contacts!!! but hey thats just my opinion

  36. Is this really necessary? Both Twilight and Harry Potter are great. People should stop comparing them. Harry Potter is about wizards and Twilight is about vampires. period. I think they’re both awesome but I’m sick of people putting twilight down. And don’t you think that criticizing twilight or harry potter does not affect the beloved authors? I mean, people should stop throwing harsh comments about them. Both of the authors are spectacular. So don’t you think we should give them a little bit of respect? cause I do think that they deserve it.

  37. i think harry potter is better than twilight becouse it got a good the end at it.

  38. LittleMo says:

    TWILIGHT ALL THE WAY!!! HP doesn’t come close.

  39. It’s really heart to vote. cause both movies are excellent. Both movies are favorite at me.

  40. They should have had hagrid in there. I like twilight better only because I read Harry potter like billion times without reading anything else it took me four days to finish all 7

  41. Potterhead_13 says:

    Harry Potter is much more better, and needs much more effort to make it. It’s brilliant and forever will be.
    Twilight is just another kissing story.

  42. Whatsoever it is but who really rocks is Jacob Black………i mean Taylor Lautner is da best.

  43. capin10ac says:

    Best t-shirt ever….. “I never got my letter from Hogwarts, so I’m moving to Forks to live with the Cullens”. I love both sagas, no comparison……

  44. I love both of the series. Even though I love Twilight more, I found myself voting for a lot of Harry Potter characters. Draco is more of a villain than Rosalie, but the question was who was more relatable. I had to say Rosalie there. While Ron is awesome, Jacob is simply more awesome…and braver. Out of Neville and Eric, I have to say I have more admiration for Neville.Luna is way better than Jessica too. In fact, all the humans are too minor of characters, so it’s not really fair to compare them to Harry Potter wizards, as the wizards will pwn them. The vampires are a more fair match. With Ginny and Alice, it should be no contest. Alice pwns Ginny. My toughest choice was choosing between Dumbledore and Carlisle. I absolutely love Carlisle, but I think Dumbledore is the better father figure. I love both Hermione and Bella, but Bella is more relatable. Of course I prefer Edward over Harry. Harry is awesome, but not very romantic. I have to say Voldemort is scarier than Victoria though.

    I believe that’s 5 for Twilight and 4 for Harry Potter from me.

  45. The only things missing from this comparison is Esme and Molly Weasley and Charlie and Professor McGonagal

  46. Harry Potter is over all the winner! Anyone would love Harry Potter. And due to the rankings Harry Potter has one see?

    Which fans are the bestest?
    29.7% Twi-hards
    70.3% Potterheads

    So Potterheads are winning, and most pages on Facebook are for Harry Potter and not for this so-called show “Twilight”.

    Edward: I will never see you again
    Doumbledor: Drinks all around!!!!!

  47. I CHOOSE twilight:)

  48. Lashalia says:

    Team edward of course
    hermione over Bella of course
    Jake over Ron any day just not over edward
    Alice over Ginny everybody is in love with Alice and who really knows Ginny?
    Carlise Over dumbledore, they are both the bomb but at the end of the day it will always be carlise, he is like the dad everybody wants.
    Voldermort over Victoria, because he is so much more sinister than she is is.
    Neville over Eric because at the end of the day who would you rather have as your sidekick because that what they are at least that is what Neville is. Go TEAM EDWARD!!!!!

  49. Harry

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