E! Twilight or Harry Potter Character Match UP

E! has matched up Harry Potter and Twilight characters in the following pairings:

Harry and Edward
Hermione and Bella
Ron and Jacob
Ginny and Alice
Dumbledore and Carlisle
Voldermort and Victoria
Neville and Eric

Here’s the way they described the Ron and Jacob match up:

Best Bud: Team Jacob or Team Ron?

Jacob Black: Taylor Lautner’s buff shape-shifter is as loyal as any good dog werewolf. He doesn’t let his feelings for his dear friend Bella—or more importantly, her feelings for Edward—get in the way when it comes time to save her life.

Ron Weasley: While Rupert Grint’s wizard may at first seem like your typical sidekick, he’s no coward. He overcomes many of his fears while battling crazy creatures and Death Eaters alongside his best mate Harry. (Plus, he gets the girl!)

Head over to E! and vote for your favorite.