E! Twilight or Harry Potter Character Match UP

E! has matched up Harry Potter and Twilight characters in the following pairings:

Harry and Edward
Hermione and Bella
Ron and Jacob
Ginny and Alice
Dumbledore and Carlisle
Voldermort and Victoria
Neville and Eric

Here’s the way they described the Ron and Jacob match up:

Best Bud: Team Jacob or Team Ron?

Jacob Black: Taylor Lautner’s buff shape-shifter is as loyal as any good dog werewolf. He doesn’t let his feelings for his dear friend Bella—or more importantly, her feelings for Edward—get in the way when it comes time to save her life.

Ron Weasley: While Rupert Grint’s wizard may at first seem like your typical sidekick, he’s no coward. He overcomes many of his fears while battling crazy creatures and Death Eaters alongside his best mate Harry. (Plus, he gets the girl!)

Head over to E! and vote for your favorite.


  1. Should have been Voldermort and Aro, or at least Jane! lol I love them all, I could live in Forks, or Hogwarts..lol

    • hey k
      voldermort and victoria are a great match up. both have been in the main character’s background stories. i mean think about it, harry and bella make choices in their lives that will hopefully keep them safe from the evil.

    • no efence but i absolutly HATE harry potter i would rath live i forks

  2. Yeah, I agree, I love both sagas so I can’t choose between them…

  3. AliceKikiCullen says

    Not again!!! STOP PUTTING THE POTTERVIANS AGAINST THE TWIHARDS!!!!!! It gets mean and nasty and I’m SICK of fellow hard-core potter fans putting Twilight down. Can we move on please!!!!???? I refuse to chose between my two favorite book series. Shame on E.

    • I don’t see this as putting the two series against each other. I see this as a way both Fans of each series can calmly discus what they like about each series. I also like both series. So I diagree with this as pining the two against each other. Bella Rocks and So Does Harry.

    • alexouli says

      I totally agree with you!! I don’t like comparing these two sagas!!! They both are great, and they have a completely different concept and theme!!!

    • Mareyann says

      I completely agree both sagas are amazing and I’ll even dare to say they are nothing alike Twilight is a love story and a story about discovering who ones self is and Potter is a war against evil were good will prevail. So I can’t vote against one or the other they are two completely different stories there is nothing to compare.

      • I agree because twilight is a different setting and Harry Potter is no as romantic.But they both have a mission which the better group pevails.

    • twilight-jemarliale says

      i agree 100%

  4. smitten_by_twilight says

    This looks fun if taken in the right spirit, so I will take your words to heart, AliceKikiCullen, and not read comments on E to avoid the haters. And BTW, I love Ginny, but Alice ROCKS!

  5. Harry beats Edward
    Hermione beats Bella
    Jacob beats Ron
    Alice beats Ginny
    Voldermort beats Victoria
    Neville beats Eric

  6. Neville vs. Eric? REALLY? Neville all the way, baby.

  7. Kassidy Raine says

    Uhm everyone knows its
    Harry Beats Edward
    Hermione beats Bella
    Jacob Beats Ron
    Ginny beats Alice
    Voldomort beats Victoria
    and Neville Beats Eric (:

  8. Who is Eric in Twilight? I’ve read the books 6 times through and don’t recall an Eric. AM I must be getting old.

  9. Harry beats Edward
    Hermione beats Bella
    Jacob beats Ron
    Alice beats Ginny
    Carlisle beats Dumbledore
    Voldermort beats Victoria
    Neville beats Eric

  10. Aly Rune says


  11. Elizabeth says

    Dear E!
    You are only supplying fuel between harry potter fans and twilight fans. Its getting very annoying. You CANNOT compare them! They have nothing to do with each other. The only thing you can is that they both have to deal with suppernatural beings. Please stop. Thanks, Elizabeth.

    • EricElephant says

      *They both have Robert Pattinson in…therefore they do have more than one thing in common and can be compared. Stop being so boring, let people express their views.

    • Ummmmmmmm Luna beats Jessica.
      Enjoyed both–in print and in movie form. Don’t want to argue over any of them since I am a fan of both. I just thought Luna should have been in there somewhere.

  12. twilight beats harry potter

    • Hahaha you make me laugh!!

    • brandy cullen says

      I agree with u cuz twilight does beat harry potter …. Go team twilight

    • Twilight4ever says

      agree.. Twilight beats Harry Potter

    • Twilight4ever says

      Edward beats Harry
      Bella beats Hermione
      Jacob beats Ron
      Alice beats Ginny
      Carlisle beats Dumbledore
      Victoria beats Voldemort
      Eric beats Neville

      I think Harry Potter is good and liked it but still I Love Twilight-saga and nothing can’t beat it.. It so lovely.

      • Twilight does beat Harry Potter, as HP has never been so much romantic!! We need to remember, twilight is not meant for kids, but HP is!!! 😉

  13. Harry potter all the way!
    Twilight is good, but Harry Potter is much much much better!

  14. Actually with Bella’s power….no one can beat Edward and Bella…..

  15. HanKyuTee says

    who the hell is Eric??? And they could have compared Voldemort to a more powerful character like Aro or any significant Volturi instead of Victoria who never made it to the end of the Saga. Don’t you think?

  16. ron of course!

  17. Um, no contest. Twilight characters are pussies; Harry Potter characters will always be better.

    • i agreed with u..HP is the best

    • who ever is voting for harry pooper is obviously out of touch with reality because TWILIGHT has won pretty much every award that it has been up for in a wide range of award shows so of course Twilight will always win. GO TEAM EDWARD

  18. Harry beats Edward
    Hermione beats Bella
    Ron beats Jacob
    Ginny beats Alice
    Dumbledore beats Carlisle
    Voldemort beats victoria
    Neville beats Eric


  19. All of the Harry Potter characters beat Twilight’s, obviously!

  20. Well, between Edward and Harry, Harry would lose because when he sees Edward, he’ll only see Cedric, and he can’t have Cedric die again… Lol. Can’t pick between the two, love them both!!

    • I know a guy who has read Harry Potter, Twilight, Eragon, Narnia and he has read almost all the stories on Harry Potter fanfiction sites…if î call him to comment on this page everyone will flee, the site will be shutdown for maintenance…lol….and btw Hermione is sexier, smarter than Bella…so Harry Potter wins.

      • I lol’d when I read this comment

        • WTH, how d hell Hermione can be sexier than Bella???? She didn’t even have feelings described anywhere… U guys must have gone nuts.. Nothing could be sexier and romantic than Bella!! She’s just irresistible!!!!

  21. Twilight beats harry potter hands down.

  22. obviously Harry Potter and all the characters!in my opinion the characters are stronger in all aspects… and please… voldemort and victoria?? hahah that is absolutely hilarious!! voldemort is almost the devil!! victoria is just reaaaally bad 😀

  23. this is dumb? harry potter and twilight have no reason to be compared. ever. in what way are they similar? harry potter’s about friendship and strength. twilight is a 3way [love] story. no comparison!

  24. Harry Potter beats everything!

  25. ambreen salah says


  26. el mejor es creousculo

  27. crepusculo the best

  28. cindy sue says


  29. Team Jacob

  30. Um,how about no. Harry Potter will ALWAYS be better then Twilight. Twilight is one of the worst book series I have ever read. I’m so happy It’s over soon.

  31. Twilight over Harry potter for me!!

  32. Harry Potter is way better then Twilight. I’ve read HP and twilight but HP is WAY better. Twilight is a bit too corny for me xD

  33. This is stupid

  34. i dont think we should have to choose some people like harry potter and others like twilight just because you don’t like a certain book doesn’t everyone hates it.

  35. Martha (Mrs Fred Weasley) says

    Harry and Edward. Harry is strong and incredibly brave, he DIED for the world.
    Hermione and Bella. What? Hermione wins hands down, smart, independant, brave, when her love left her she went on to help save the world, when Bella’s did, she became suicidal and insane.
    Ron and Jacob. Ron is a ginger wizard, top that how?! He is completely loyal to his friends and girlfriend, ‘cept when he was affected by the horcrux.
    Ginny and Alice. Ginny, for the same reasons as Hermione, and Ginny is also really tough, surviving in her family, whom she loves deeply.
    Dumbledore and Carlisle. Dumbledore DIED for the world, incredibly brave, funny and humorous, you have to love him. Carlisle turned his family into demons, YAY! not.
    Voldemort and Victoria. HAHA! Voldemort is a better villan than Vickie ANYDAY! YOU CAN’T DENY THAT!
    Neville and Eric. He may not look it, but Neville is on of the bravest characters in the series hands down, read the book and find out Twi-Tards.

  36. Here are my pics:
    Edward is hotter and more powerful
    Hermione is more clever any day if the week
    Ron is a truer friend and more dependable
    Alice is just Alice – no competition there
    Dumbledore is more powerful and more clever
    Voldemort is much more evil and scarier
    Neville is a more interesting character

  37. Ireland c says

    Harry potter beats twilight that’s all I have to say Harry potter all the way baby

  38. you are so cuot im victoria elizondo

  39. Its twilight over harry potter all the time. From now on!!!!

  40. Edward beats Harry by a long shot forever and always Edward is way hotter even though people say real men don’t sparkle I think that sparkling is just like wearing pink real men wear pink and real men sparkle

  41. Jennifer Marie says

    Oh my, we love to put these characters against each other. I am an avid fan of both series, however I tend to favor Harry Potter, there is just more depth to the stories and many more characters and ideas and trinkets to become attached to and discuss, but again I do love Twilight. My pairings:

    -Harry and Edward tie, he reminds Edward that he is in fact the 17 year old Cedric Diggory and then they call it even, ha.

    – Hermione beats Bella. Hermione is possibly the best character out of them all and Bella is no rocket scientist, as much as I love her.

    – Ron beats Jacob out of plain dumb luck.
    -Alice forsees every move Ginny makes and beats her.
    -Dumbledore and Carlisle get into a historic discussion and forget to battle.
    -Voldemort feeds Victoria to Nagini.
    -Neville beats Eric because Neville’s character is represented properly in the movie and Eric is supposed to be Ben.

    • LOL!! This totally made me laugh. I agree with everything, except that I’m not sure whether Ron and Jacob shouldn’t tie… Voldermort should totally feed Victoria to Nagini – she’s nothing compared to him. They could have chosen someone a LITTLE more … EVIL?!! And Neville wins anyday. I like Bella a lot, but (and I do hate to sound harsh) she’s a little helpless compared to Hermione.
      Still, they totally missed their mark with this comparison as each character and each saga is nothing like the other.

  42. Cecilie Radoor says

    I will always love the twilight saga more than harry potter:-) I will vote on twilight but I like to watch harry potter too 🙂

  43. It’s as simple as this… J.K. Rowling beats Stepanie Meyer by 3 books… Harry Potter wins!

  44. twilight is the wost love story i’ve ever read.
    Jacob kissing bella
    edward kissing bella
    and jacob marrying bella’s daughter.”what a rubbishness”.
    Where as in harrypotter love,action,comedy are all balanced.
    Just read the deathly hallows how thrilling it is
    about the hocrux and the3hallows.
    Harry bt edward
    hermione crushes bella
    and finally

    • Marilynn says

      Twilight is way better then harry potter and u must not know what love is or really have much of a love life besides Bella kissed Jacob to try to keep him from going and getting killed cause she does care about him but loves Edward all Harry does is cause trouble for every body cause he is to sissy to fight for himself

      • Real infatuation you mean.

        Harry Potter characters have dept, it’s not just about the high school crushes of a girl. And her not being able to choose between two boys.

    • Marilynn says

      Twilight is way better then harry potter and u must not know what love is or really have much of a love life besides Bella kissed Jacob to try to keep him from going and getting killed cause she does care about him but loves Edward
      all Harry does is cause trouble for every body cause he is to sissy to fight for himself

      • In the words of Ron Weasley… “You must be joking.” I take it you must have never read the Harry Potter series… BTW… Stephenie Meyer didn’t invent werewolves, so stop writing nasty letters to Universal. :p

  45. I KILL YOU says

    DUDE guys, chillax…Harry Potter and Twilight are both very awesome and written by spectacular authors, but, the Potter series has more books and, dang, they’re wizards, so, technically, then can “AVADA CADAVERA” and BOOM twilight’s dead. I think that Harry Potter and Percy Jackson is a better matchup, even thought Percy clearly wins:P But before you dump twilight you should read “the immortals” series. kind of like a mix of good books the first one: “evermore” by alyson noel GO GET IT!!! harry potter beats twilight 4/3

    • Ashleigh says

      i totally agree!!!!!!!!! Harry Potter and Percy Jackson match up way better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Edward beats Harry
    Bella beats Hermione
    Jacob beats Ron
    Alice beats Ginny
    Carlisle beats Dumbledore
    Victoria beats Voldermort
    Eric beats Neville

  47. why does everyone care so much about this stuff lets face it this means nothing none of the real world is gonna care really both twilight and harry potter will sell lot lots of its copies to the real world and no one will think about the people who over obsess thess things .

  48. The best of both worlds says

    They are both awesome, but Harry Potter has more books and Twilight is just another love story. Now, “The Immortals” books are better then both. No vampires, but immortals. It has a similar concept to Twilight, but is more magical like Harry Potter. Check them out: “Evermore”, “Blue Moon”, “Shadowland”, “Dark Flame”, and “NIght star” all by Alyson Noel. Your gonna like it is you like Harry Potter and Twilight:)

    • I totally agree. Love the immortals series! Also like the evernight series along with the twilight saga. Fallen is a good series too. Just a sucker for gothic romance. Vampire Academy series is good too.

      • I would not choose. It depends on my mood as to which is better. Some days I just want romance (twilight). Other days I want action (harry potter). As for characters, I like the twilight characters, but I like both stories.

  49. I love them both so very much!! They are both awsome!


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