Hallmark 2011 Twilight Ornament

Twilighters Dream has the preview and the details on how you can purchase this item starting July 16. Check out all the details here.


  1. Am I the only one who thinks that the faces on this ornament look absolutely awful???? The Twilight ornament from 2 years ago looked waaaaaay better than this one! I’m dissappointed at the quality of the ornament this time around.

    • No, you’re not the only one..I’m shocked at the poor quality of them too, but you have to admit that it’s quite cool(;

      • I agree it’s a great idea, but the quality is just terrible. I can only hope that the pic of the ornament might be what they refer to as a “mock up” and not the actual finished product, as the picture on the box looks better than the ornament shown.

        • The picture is not a “mock” up. It is a picture of the actual ornament. Unfortunately the picture on the box is slightly different and probably air brushed in comparison to the actual ornament. They used a different material this year compared to the Edward and Bella from 2010. That one was plastic and this one is made more of a resin.

    • no babes… u ain’t the only one here.. they sure look awful.. like totally out-of-place.. gud idea but bad job i must say!

  2. The photo on the box looks a lot better than the actual ornament 🙁
    I hope they do a remake!!

  3. Too bad with most things Hallmark makes…the faces are never well done except in a very small few. But then again I must have it!

  4. I agree. The faces look terrible…downright scary. What were they thinking…smh.

  5. seriously..faces r awful on this ornament

  6. Melissa says:

    yikes! really awful!

  7. Oh My God it looks absolutely terrible – the only one of the three that looks halfway normal is jacob, Bella looks fat, and ugly, and Edward, well oh my god it just looks nothing like he should.

    I will not be buying it unless these are remade at a better and more accurate quality.

  8. Either that is an awful picture angle or that ornament is really that bad. Sad. I like Hallmark ornaments. I’m such a nerd I just found the Enterprise 1701-D, issued in the 90s, in a box over the weekend. lol XD

  9. Mikaela says:

    I aggree with Cheryly they are awfulll

  10. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

    Yeah, this is REALLY terrible. Someone obviously didn’t put a lot of time into it.

  11. The more I look at it, the faces on the ornament look completely different than the faces on the box. I may have to make a trip to Hallmark next week and check it out.

    LOL, Bella’s face looks like she is morphing into Aquaman or something. It just looks way too weird. Edward looks nothing like he should. Jacob looks halfway decent, but still not great.

  12. Awesome idea, terrible execution. I’m surprised Summit actually signed off on this. Edward & Bella look like zombies. Literally – z-o-m-b-i-e-s!

  13. Tammy J. says:

    Couldn’t they have found an artist who knew how to sculpt a face. Hideous!!!!

  14. I agree w/what others have said it looks awful!! I probably won’t buy it anyway since it has Jacob w/it. I have the Twilight one still in it’s box.

    Did they ever make one for New Moon?

    • Jennie – They didn’t make a New Moon ornament. Just the 2010 Twilight “Edward and Bella” and then the 2011 Eclipse “Bella, Edward and Jacob”. Although I think this ornament is a combination of the two movies. The ornament appears to be modeled after the New Moon poster but Eclipse was put on the box because that is the most recent movie. 🙂

  15. The Box looks better than the real thing .. .i hope they fix it …

    Are they tryign to do Eclipse and Breaking dawn together? Cuase Bella looks sick and pregnant, Jacob looks pissed (but semi normal haha for eclispe and part 1 of BD) and Edward looks franticly bad …

    anyhoo … ill still buy the stupid thing because i gotta have a complete collection …

  16. Kimberly says:

    So Im thinking I will buy this, and leave it in the box, and put a hook on the box, and hang the box on my tree, since they made the advertising portion of the product much better than the product itself. Very sad.

  17. I have a sister fan page who is close to this fan Page “Twilighters Dream”. it looks to me like a lot of you are not happy with the looks but at least you get to have a cool little trinket to add to your twilight collection 🙂 And to share during the holidays! Who doesn’t want Jacob, Edward and Bella hanging around them during Christmas?? I know I DO! LOL

    I tell you what! For every one person who purchase’s this ornament I will let you buy a self portrait photo from my page for only $5.00.(Original is $10.00) On top of that if any of you have any Facebook Fan pages I will definitely help you out in anyway that I can or any other sort of blog/website you have.

    My fan page is called twili-fye and I take photos that people send me and turn them into looking like a vampire. Please come look at our examples 🙂 We would love to make you a Newborn!

    I want to help promote her Ornaments along with anyone else needing help <3

    If interested please e-mail me at twilifye@aol.com

    And I WILL be buying one of these ornaments just so I have my edward, Jacob and Bella with me these Coming Holidays! <3

  18. @twihardaddy says:

    Why are all u people whining. It’s an ortanment for god sakes. I know Mattel does better with action figures but they do 3d laser scans of the peoples faces. Stop complaining and be happy that our fan base is getting somethig so awesome

    • I agree that it’s a great thing that Hallmark is honoring Twilight with another ornament, and i will most likely buy one. However, for the price that Hallmark charges, and the great detail I’ve seen paid in other Hallmark ornaments (I own many), I just think they dropped the ball on this one. They obviously spent time and money to make the box look better. In fact,anyone who hasn’t seen the ornament before hand and buys it based on the box picture will probably be dissappointed. It just seems that sometimes when it comes to Twilight merchandise, things are rushed and thrown out there for sale just because they know the fans will buy it regardless of what it looks like.


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