The Host Movie Given Official Release Date

Los Angeles, CA, June 27, 2011 – Open Road Films has acquired U.S. distribution rights to “The Host,” the big screen adaptation of Twilight series author Stephenie Meyer’s best-selling novel. As previously announced, “The Host” will be directed by Andrew Niccol (“Gattaca”), who also wrote the screenplay, and will star Saoirse Ronan (“Hanna,” “The Lovely Bones,” “Atonement”). Open Road Films has set a March 29, 2013 release date (Easter weekend) for “The Host.”

“The Host” producers are Nick Wechsler, Chockstone Pictures’ Paula Mae Schwartz and Steve Schwartz, and Stephenie Meyer. Marc Butan, Jim Siebel, and Bill Johnson of Inferno Entertainment, which is handling international sales, are executive producers. Claudia Bluemhuber of Silver Reel, which is providing mezzanine financing, is also an executive producer. Roger Schwartz and Lizzy Bradford are co-producers.

Principal photography is scheduled to being in February 2012 in Louisiana and New Mexico, in anticipation of the wide release on March 29, 2013.

“The Host” is a riveting story about the survival of love and the human spirit in a time of war. Our world has been invaded by an unseen enemy. Humans become hosts for these invaders, their minds taken over while their bodies remain intact. Most of humanity has succumbed.

When Melanie, one of the few remaining “wild” humans, is captured, she is certain it is her end. Wanderer, the invading “soul” who has been given Melanie’s body, was warned about the challenges of living inside a human: the overwhelming emotions, the glut of senses, the too-vivid memories. But there was one difficulty Wanderer didn’t expect: the former tenant of her body refusing to relinquish possession of her mind.

When outside forces make Wanderer and Melanie unwilling allies, they set off on a dangerous and uncertain search for the man they both love.

The Host, published in 2008, was Stephenie Meyer’s highly anticipated follow-up to the wildly popular and acclaimed Twilight series. The book was #1 on The New York Times Bestseller List for 26 weeks. The “Twilight” film franchise, based on Stephenie Meyer’s beloved and best-selling novels, has grossed over $1.4 billion in worldwide box office ticket sales to date.

Regarding Open Road Films, Stephenie Meyer’s stated, “I’m thrilled to be adding another fantastic partner to an already amazing group. Everyone involved has so much passion for the project. It really is a dream team.”

“We are privileged to partner with Stephenie Meyer and the rest of the filmmaking team for the release of ‘The Host,” added Tom Ortenberg, CEO of Open Road Films. “Nick Wechsler is a terrific producer and a long time friend and we are honored to be working with Nick and Stephenie – and the wonderful minds of Steve and Paula Mae Schwartz – to bring this epic story of hope to the big screen.”

Producers Nick Wechsler, Steve Schwartz and Paula Mae Schwartz commented, “We are excited about the passion that Tom Ortenberg and Open Road Films has shown for ‘The Host,’ and we think this is a great opportunity to be partnered with AMC and Regal at the beginning of their new joint venture.”

The deal was negotiated on behalf of Open Road Films by Ortenberg, General Counsel and Executive Vice President of Operations and Business Affairs, Elliott Kleinberg, and Senior Vice President of Acquistions Ben Cotner. Rena Ronson of UTA’s Independent Film Group and David Fox of Myman Greenspan Fineman Fox Light LLP, along with Philip Strina of Inferno, negotiated on behalf of the filmmakers.

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  1. This has me excited and hesitant at the same time. Excited because this means the movie is closer to a reality and hesitant because I’m still worried about how they will accomplish staying true to the book Mel/Wanda on the big screen. What about whoever will be the voice of Wanda? Im still wondering who they’ll find for Ian and Jared!

  2. jennifer says:

    OMGosh! And I thought November was far away…sheesh.

  3. I’m actually excited ! They have great and talented people working on this film we nothing to worry about ok we have little to worry about. This will be cool because it’s after the last Twilight movie.
    Your right Jennifer I thought Nov. was far away too lol

  4. CullenCoven says:

    When I first read the description, I thought they meant ghost-like things, yk, by “unseen enemy”. But when I read the book, my mind was blown. I would love to see it made into a movie..

  5. i can’t wait!!! but i have a question for twilightlexicon….. When the twilight saga is over completely will you turn the website into the hostlexicon?? or make another website of the host??

  6. I just started to re-read the Host a couple days ago for the 4th time again, after just re-reading BD, because of all the excitement about BD and new info on this film. When I read it the first time and reading it now I still can not picture this a film. I said “there is no way they can make this into a film, its too much all in the mind of the characters”. But I guess I was wrong. Its nice that the movie will be released 4 months after BDp.2 so I can hold on and suffice. I am still upset that the actress looks nothing like how she is described in the book, but there is a reason they choose her. She must be a really good actress. There are so many questions in my head about the creation of this film and how will 600+ pages fit in 120 mins, will there be an extended version on the DVD?

    I don’t think Lexicon will change its name. Maybe they can make a new site like what does each new film. I would love Lexicon to do the cross-references and chapter by chapter as they did on this site. I’ve read it so many times I could totally help in that department.

  7. edwardsmylion says:

    I’m excited that the Host is going to be filmed and hopefully they will do the book justice. I found the Host to be a riveting story and I can’t wait for more from Stephenie!

  8. At least it has a release date! I’ve been waiting for things to be finalized for what seems like forever! I’m very excited and hope that it turns out almost as good as the book. 🙂

  9. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

    YIPPEEE!! (except, Easter weekend?…maybe they’ll move it for those of us that have plans EVERY Easter…please?)

    I’m so glad that AGAIN we have more Host Movie News finalized!! And I’m REALLY glad that we’ll have more stuff to look forward to after BD is completely finished.

    I think they could do a great job with the movie if they write it well. It think it’ll be okay….

  10. Chelsey says:

    Am I the only one that thought that The Host was a giant bore-fest?
    I also can’t see it translating well into a movie. Melanie/Wanda is couped up in a cell for a large portion of the book.

  11. I am ecstatic to find out they are making a movie!! This story is amazing and will be an amazing movie!! Can’t wait, 2013 is far away but it will be entirely worth the wait!! Outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I need to Know if Ther will Be a Camp out for The Host movie Just Like all The Twlight movies if so willl the link be posted on Facebook and On the Lexicon website fans need to know


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