Old Forks HS Is No More

We’ve been telling you over the past two years about the struggle to save the facade of the original Forks High School building. Despite best efforts the facade couldn’t be saved, but they will be using the bricks for a display inside the new building when completed. The newer building that hosted the Summer School in Forks convention two years ago still stands, and has not been affected.

The Forks Forum has a run down on several key events surround the demolition from

beginning demolition

a graduate’s memories of hearing about Pearl Harbor at a school assembly

Cornerstone preservation and time capsule possibility.

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  1. Thats sad… they should sell off the bricks as a fund raiser.. at just $5.00 a brick or even $10.00 we could all own a piece of our favorite school…plus they make a good amount to put on whatever that new school cost them.. Win-Win for fans and the school

  2. CullenCoven says:

    We did that here in PA, but we needed a new high school. They’re scraping the dirt off the floors and putting it in the lunches. It’s crappy. But I loved that old building!

  3. Gigi Cullen says:

    K, they are. I was in Forks in March and they were selling bricks from the old school at the Dazzled By Twilight store as a benefit for the new school. When I was there the front entrance was still there, but it stood alone and looked so sad.

    • I’m sorry I missed the bricks being sold. I went to Forks in May and got to see the lone center building still standing. I’m glad I got some pictures though.

  4. Any chance of another Summer School event? Who hosted the event?

  5. I was in Forks a year and a half ago. Where and when did they build the new school? Any pics of the new school?

    • Gigi Cullen says:

      Pixie & Beth. I got pics of the new school, but sad to say its just a very generic building. It could be anything, school, library, police station or local gov’t building. They were selling the bricks in the back of the Dazzled By Twilight Store in a very out of the way spot, anyone could have missed it if your weren’t looking for them. Still cool to see everything in town.


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