Guri Weinberg Updates Blog and Explains Inside Running Joke

If any of you have been as confused as we were with the GFYS references between various members of the Breaking Dawn cast, wonder no more. Guri Weinberg explains it all on his blog. The section where he gets Stephenie Meyer in on the action is particularly funny:

“When you’re shooting on location for 5 months, you come up with some pretty juvenile inside jokes, catchphrases and pranks. For example, what started as three extremely tired actors getting exceptionally silly while grocery shopping at Whole Foods turned into an elaborate game between myself, Lee Pace and Christian Camargo wherein one of us would, at any time or place, kick one of the others in the shin as hard as we could and then run away.

But that’s another blog.

My Twitter Followers know that there is currently a GFYS game playing out in real time – started by Charlie Bewley, who was quickly joined by Daniel Cudmore, Patrick Brennan and Toni Trucks in the GFYS Guri Weinberg campaign. Bewley and Brennan dropped out, Cudmore took the lead andTrucks keeps the pressure on. Thus, the name of this blog. Hey Cudmore and Trucks…if you’re reading this…this blog will have your names and GFYS combined on a Google search soon! It’s GFYS 2.0

But WHAT is GFYS?”

See more on Guri Weinberg’s (who plays Stefan in Breaking Dawn) official site.


  1. OMG! That was so funny!!! LMAO!!!
    I’d love to see it in the BD2 DVD Extras!!!

  2. CullenCoven says

    I play that with my friends. Its sooo funny to get random people to say it to them. And they prob love the look on my face when they do it to me. Ahh, high school.

  3. I’m too old and that word has too much of a horrid connotation for this article and the joke to be funny. I wish I had not read this. Stephenie has a lot more class and creativity than I do in the way she handled it.

  4. Props to you, Pam. I agree.

  5. Michelle says

    Stephenie doesn’t have more class and creativity, she has a sense of humor. I bet Pam and Cees think they are really funny too. People with zero sense of humor always do.

    • No, I do not think I have a sense of humor. I do think the word so commonly used in that ‘game’ even as an abbreviation is horrid. To me it ranks along side two other words that are generally offensive, one being deleted from Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer/Huck Finn books — try saying that word to an African American and see how funny they think it is. To me that word implies violent rape. Like what happened to Rosalie in the books. That is not funny. How it came to be used to emphasize frustration I do not understand.

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