EXTRA Twilight vs True Blood Poll

Go support Twilight over at EXTRA’s Twilight vs. True Blood poll.


  1. Twilight all the way no doubt about it!

  2. CullenCoven says

    Why are we here? Twilight of course! Is this website called http://www.truebloodlexicon.com? No, no it is not.

  3. Team twilight

  4. Def. TWILIGHT!!!! I love True Blood too., but I love Twilight more. 🙂 xoxo

  5. Love twilight more! Trueblood is too mature and isn’t for me. Yea they like to come at twilight for being too perfect but trueblood tries too hard to different when their not. Sookie also needs to pick a man or two already five is too much

  6. edwardsmylion says

    No contest – Twilight is the best!

  7. Kristen is so much prettier then that other chick

  8. HAHAHA you know the funny thing is, i was just over on my trueblood fansite and decided to come over to the lexicon to see how things were going in the twilight world, when low and behold i see Deborah Ann Woll on the front page of the lexicon! With a caption saying go support twilight!

    now, begging your pardon everyone, but we all saw the mtv movie awards so we KNOW what twilight fans are like. (crazy, unrelenting, obsessive and just downright scary) so for the lexicon to even prompt us to do anything twilight related is basically completely unnecessary because the way that the fandom works is, if someone points to twilight stuff, the ravenous fans foam at the mouth and sprint after whatever needs to be taken care of. do not misunderstand me, i love twilight, been to the midnight showings, book release parties and all that, but you have to understand, since seeing the mtv movie awards where twilight took everything and harry potter got nothing, dont you think its time for something else to win for a change?

    *votes for true blood* Eric Northman all the way ladies. all the way 😉

    • and yes, i am aware that Tom Felton won for best villain, but you know what i mean when i say nothing.

    • Lunna-san says

      You know, Jessica, this kind of poll is simply stupid and tiresome. Discussions about “which series” is the best just end up in trolling and bashing. I guess I’m too tired of this kind of thing.

      I love both series of books, Twilight and True Blood. as many others. For different reasons. I don’t want to choose the favorite one. That’s lame and childish.

      And I agree with you about Harry Potter. They deserved the Movie Awards. Twilight Saga Movies are terrible. I hate them.

    • I feel the exact same way! I bet its awkward for the actors winning every year because the fans did rabid voting just so they would win.

      But honestly I LOVE true blood, the show is awesome! And I LOVE the Twilight saga books, but not so much the movies. To me True Blood is better than the twilight saga movies. (But again not the books, I LOVE the books sooooo much)

      Just my opinion though.

  9. Danielle says

    I love Twilight but I also love True Blood..you cant ask me to chose-its like compairing apples and oranges. Plus I think that Debroah Ann Wollis is beautiful as well. Its not about who WINS. I dont compare all my favorite authors or music that would be impossible. I love a lot of things but its this kind of crap that makes people hate Twihards. Yuk!

  10. I choose True Blood. I’m not impressed with the Twilight movies. Their lame. But in terms of books, the Twilight books are better.

    So TRUE BLOOD all the way.

  11. Certainly apples & oranges but I must say I enjoy Twilight in both movie and book form, but I really was not a fan of the Sookie Stackhouse book series. One of the very few examples of a screen adaptation that I prefer to the source material.
    I think I just don’t much care for Sookie as a character, so the narration from her POV is too much. Then again, I thought the same of Bella until I got to Breaking Dawn, or at least mid-way through Eclipse. Maybe she’ll grow on me too.

  12. Twilight all the way!

  13. I like both. But for me Twilight has always been my favorite, and it always will be.
    Especially concerning the books, Twilight is a winner for me.

  14. I love True Blood on Hbo…not a big fan of the books
    I love the Twilight books..not a big fan of the movies
    but to compare those is, yeah- pretty silly
    the only thing they have in common is vampires and werewolves the stories are so different.

  15. You really cannot compare, both are campy (with bits of tongue in cheap humor and acting) and both have different takes on vampire and werewolf lore.

    Twilight is my preference, but I have watched every True Blood episode as well. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. Twilight is like the diet soda of vampire stories, however really dang good soda, and True Blood is like a really indulgent, strong cocktail that’s really delicious

    • ooops, meant to say tongue in cheek humor.
      and the True Blood drink is strong and yummy, but has a bit of aftertaste.

  16. Linda W. Houston, TX says

    DAH! Twilight. of course.


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