Stephen Moyer: True Blood vs Twilight

Stephen Moyer, who plays Bill Compton (incidentally a national newspaper yesterday had the name as “Bill Condon” and I died laughing imagining Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon on True Blood) commented on how he sees the whole vampire craze going.

GM: What do you make of the current vampire craze? It really shows no sign of abating.

SM: It doesn’t seem to be abating. It’s one of those unanswerable questions because when you think it’s one thing, it turns out to be another. … I think in the teen world, there’s a beautiful romance about that stuff. I believe this year the Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart characters [in the “Twilight” saga] have a baby. It’s this perfect romance, this perfect ideal. Ours isn’t quite as fluffy as that … our characters and the way that Alan works is, as soon as a character has a semblance of happiness, he digs a hole for them to drive into.”

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  1. Danielle says:

    That is so true! The minute you think something good is going to happen a curve ball is thrown at you on True Blood! I love that show. Cant wait for Sunday!

  2. I watch both, I love Stephenies better…They are more a x rated version.

  3. True Blood is a great show that puts an interesting spin on vampires/werewolves. Sookie is one of my favorite heroines!

  4. OMG his name is Bill COMPTON not Bill Condon!!!!!!!!! How can you write someone’s name if you don’t know it right.


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