Peter Facinelli is Proud of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

Pop Eater Just put up an interview with Peter facinelli that they had back at the MTV Movie Awards:

And hello! You have ‘Twilight.’ That must be the coolest thing to be a part of.
I’m having a good time with it. We finished filming four and five. I’m excited to have the filming portion of it over and now I can sit back as one of the fans and see how it all comes together.

Do your daughters think you’re so cool because you work with Robert Pattinson?

My daughters don’t usually get impressed by people I’ve worked with because they’re just Dad’s friends. I think they’re just enamored I’m part of the whole franchise. Rob is just one of Dad’s friends.

Are you amazed at what he and Kristen Stewart have to put up with?

I’m very proud of how they’ve handled it. It’s been fun for me to watch them rise to fame the way they have and the way they’ve handled it. When your life is put under a microscope like that it’s very difficult to function and I give them great credit for functioning and living a normal life within the realm of their fame.”

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  1. Oh… I would so LOVE to have him as mine… 🙂 Particularly now that I am single! LOL! He seems so…true… 🙂

  2. It’s crazy what Rob & Kristen have to deal with.

  3. Peter Facinelli has been one of the biggest assets to the whole Twilight phenomenon. He is dedicated to it and always expresses himself so honorably….they really cast the right character for the father figure, Dr. Cullen. He is just great!

  4. CullenCoven says:

    I wish I were one of his daughters!


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